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Richard III: one woman Shakespeare for our times

4 Apr 2018

Director Kolbrún Björt Sigfúsdóttir's adaptation is presented in a challenging format

Shakespeare is so often an easy choice for theatre companies looking to ruffle their audiences with the unexpected. But Brite Theater's one-woman Richard III is certainly a sprightly adaptation of a classic that finds a contemporary angle. 'We have…

The HandleBards: Richard III

31 Aug 20163 stars

An entertainingly OTT performance from the bike-based Shakespeare troupe

The gimmick behind The HandleBards, if you're not already familiar with the group, is this: the whole company tours the UK exclusively by bicycle, carrying all of their props, sets and costumes with them. Half the pleasure in a HandleBards performance…

Richard III (a one-woman show)

19 Aug 20154 stars

One-woman version of Shakespeare’s tale of ruthless ambition makes us all complicit

It’s a brilliantly simple but chillingly effective concept. At the entrance, we’re given nameplates and assigned supporting roles (non-speaking ones, don’t worry – in fact, the more passive the better) in Emily Carding’s abridged, one-woman performance…

Propeller production of Richard III & The Comedy of Errors

11 Feb 2011

King’s Theatre hosts first-ever performance in Edinburgh from group

In the last year, Edward Hall has been praised for resuscitating the fortunes of London’s Hampstead Theatre, but it was with the innovative, all-male Shakespeare company Propeller that his reputation as a director of note first emerged. The group has…

Now is the Winter

25 Aug 20102 stars

Confusion abounds

Unless you’re seriously intimate with Shakespeare’s original give this a miss. This one-woman reinterpretation of Richard III retells the story from his ascendancy to the battle of Bosworth through the eyes of a faithful servant. A challenging notion…

Bard in the Botanics

11 Jun 2009

There are probably fewer people in Scotland more excited about the Met Office’s predicted heatwave this summer than Gordon Barr, artistic director of Bard in the Botanics, Glasgow’s annual outdoor Shakespeare festival. ‘I’m really keeping my fingers…