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19 Jan 20104 stars

Love showcases the work of three artistic partnerships: Glasgow-based duo Joanne Tatham and Tom O’Sullivan, married but independent artists Rita Donagh and Richard Hamilton, and recently married ‘living sculptures’ Gilbert and George. The exhibition…

Love - Sorcha Dallas interview

14 Jan 2010

Affair of the art

As exhibition titles go, you could hardly get more intriguing or evocative than Love. Yet, as Sorcha Dallas, proprietor of one of Glasgow’s most exciting contemporary spaces, points out, the name of the gallery’s first group show of 2010 is more than a…

Edinburgh Art Festival

31 Jul 2008

Street arts

Edinburgh residents are used to a takeover at this time of year. As hoardes of performers, artists, comedians and their assorted entourages set up a whole other city on top of theirs, the festivals can feel divorced from the realities of Edinburgh life.

Best of the rest - Edinburgh Art Festival

22 Jul 2008

Edinburgh International Art Festival

Richard Hamilton One of the key figures of British Pop Art brings us Protest Pictures, a selection of paintings, installations and collages examining his often damning portrayal of politics, movements and leaders. Inverleith House, Inverleith…