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Christmas DVDs round-up - stand-up comedy specials

25 Nov 2013

Stocking fillers from Micky Flanagan, Russell Brand, Jimmy Carr & Bill Bailey reviewed

The thing about cultural sea changes is that they very rarely alter the environment immediately. While hopes are high that Bridget Christie’s Edinburgh award-winning success this year might offer more opportunities for strong female comics, the current…

Reginald D Hunter set for 2013 UK tour

15 May 2013

Hitting the trail on the back of fresh controversy

You could say that an extra dollop of spice has been added to Reginald D Hunter’s national tour after a furore that could be described as misguided on almost everyone’s part but the comic himself. When the Professional Footballers Association invited…

2012 Edinburgh Festival Fringe: Comedy highlights

11 Jul 2012

Tim Key, Andrew Doyle, Andrew Maxwell, Dylan Moran and more

Andrew Doyle. Last year, Doyle’s show featured some pretty ripe comedy bravado during a Crash Course in Depravity, while for this August he’s doing Whatever it Takes. Bold words from a daring comic. Andrew Maxwell. One of the most reliably gifted…

The List supports artists' right to swear at the Fringe

31 May 2012

Show titles remain uncensored in our comprehensive Fringe listings

There has been some controversy at the Fringe this year about the programme's decision to censor the swearier aspects of certain acts' shows. Liam Mullone, Richard Herring and Stuart Goldsmith have raised the issue in various interviews and statements…

Reginald D Hunter

16 Sep 2011

Not just a race comic, he insists

One of the prime misconceptions about Reginald D Hunter is that all he does is talk about race and racism. Sure, he may have had the word ‘Nigga’ in several of his show titles, but within a Hunter show will be a plethora of topics and areas touching on…

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LCD Soundsystem and Fever Ray highlights of Electric Picnic 2010

15 Sep 20104 stars

Stradbally, Ireland, 3-5 Sep 2010

The Picnic is one of two major events bookending the Irish festival season, and it feels like all of Ireland has turned out for summer’s last gasp. Which, as it turns out, is a rather wet one. But no matter, for the craic is good, the pies are hearty…

Reginald D Hunter - Trophy Nigga

9 Aug 20103 stars

Funny but familiar material

While Reg D Hunter remains one of the most compelling presences on the UK comedy stage, it appears that he has become afflicted with Wil Hodgson syndrome. Like the pink-haired Care Bear-lovin’ former communist and wrester from Chippenham, Hunter was a…

Edinburgh Festival 2010: More Fringe show highlights

16 Jul 2010

Some of the shows to look out for at the Fringe

With over 2,400 shows to choose from at this years Fringe festival, it's all to easy to succumb to the paradox of choice. Here we present our picks for some of the smaller shows that are worth looking out for.

Hitlist: Comedy

2 Oct 2009

It's a funny old fortnight

Billy Connolly, Tim Minchin, Glasgow Kids Comedy Club, AListair McGowan, Reginald D Hunter, Ennio Marchetto,

Reginald D Hunter

21 Aug 20093 stars

Consummate stand-up disappoints with weak material

Sitting through Reginald D Hunter’s The Only Apple in the Garden of Eden and Niggas, is a frustrating experience. A consummate stand-up with a punchy delivery and comic timing to die for, Hunter’s commanding stage style is, sadly, victorious over this…

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Reginald D Hunter

10 Aug 2009

For a man who has thrived on playing the outsider – whether it’s as an American living in the UK or a comedian unafraid to dry hump taboos in his comedy – Reg D Hunter returns to Edinburgh a veteran – some kind of Fringe establishment. And if he still…

Red Cross Refugee Week Comedy Night

11 Jun 2009

As part of Refugee Week, Susan Calman hosts a night to raise funds for the British Red Cross. One of the tallest and certainly smoothest men in comedy, Mr Reginald D Hunter headlines with more of his socially-aware, often highly contentious stand-up…

Reginald D Hunter

7 Aug 20084 stars

Reg D manages to pull off the neat trick of delivering an hour of intelligent, edgy material to his largest audience to date with the laid-back nonchalance of a very charismatic pal waxing lyrical after a late-night toke. His narrative, about the…

Reginald D Hunter - Tall tales

31 Jul 2008

Reginald D Hunter is a giant of UK stand-up. But, as he tells Jay Richardson, he’s still trying to escape the sins of his father ‘I have always found Edinburgh intense, in my soul and in my belly. You can’t say there ain’t tension in my shows. It’s…

Reginald D. Hunter

9 Aug 20073 stars

Sprawling set from comedy icon

One of the problems with the Fringe is that us reviewers often need to get in early during a run while comedians may take the month to refine their material so that the show we see on the 3rd is rarely the one performed on the 20th. It’s worth pointing…

Hitlist - The best comedy

18 Jun 2007

Susan Calman The comic behind the Calmanator shows gives us four chances to see her do her thing this fortnight. She’s going to be big one day. In stature, that is, not in height. The Stand, Edinburgh, Thu 21, Wed 27 Jun, Tue 3 Jul; the Stand, Glasgow…

Reginald D Hunter

18 Jun 2007

5 things you might not know

Being born into a devoutly religious family from Atlanta, it was expected that he would simply follow their path into preaching or teaching. His response was to hop on a plane to the UK and gain entry into RADA before stumbling into a life of stand-up…

Reginald D Hunter

8 Aug 20065 stars

An audience at a Reginald D Hunter show is quite something. There are old folks, there are young ones, there are couples and singles, there is black and there is white. Good Christ, there was even Neil and Christine Hamilton. And what all of those…