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Barbara Crampton's interesting roles

11 Mar 2017

Film gossip

Barbara Crampton's recent roles are "more interesting than ever before". The 58-year-old actress made her name starring in a series of 80s horror flicks including 'Re-Animator', 'Chopping Mall' and 'From Beyond' before deciding to take a…

Interview: Stuart Gordon, director of Re-Animator, From Beyond and Castle Freak

20 May 2014

The filmmaker has also turned his hand to theatre, directing Re-Animator: The Musical and Taste

For aficionados of the undead, Re-Animator is counted as a true great alongside Dawn of the Dead and Zombie Flesh Eaters. The film is a smart, funny and gloriously gory slice of horror cinema starring Jeffrey Combs as an insanely driven medical student…

Twenty top shows at the 2012 Edinburgh Festivals

11 Jul 2012

Highlights from the Fringe, Book and International Festivals

Having scanned the 23.6m shows, exhibitions and events across the festival in late July, August and early September, we pluck out the ones that simply cannot be missed

Re-Animator at Edinburgh Fringe - "We’re throwing blood all over the audience!"

11 Jul 2012

54 gallons of blood and gore in play based on cult 80s film

Stuart Gordon holds a grisly place in movie trivia. ‘It’s true, I had the all-time record for most amount of fake blood used in a film,’ the director confirms, referring to the 24 gallons of corn syrup-based thick red gunge poured into his cult 1985…