Re-Animator: The Musical

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Re-Animator: The Musical

6 Aug 20122 stars

Sloppy horror with dismembered plot

A warning: Re-Animator has a splash zone. This camp comedy horror musical, based on the film which was in turn based on the HP Lovecraft story ‘Herbert West – Reanimator’, delights in covering the auditorium’s first few rows with blood, vomit, brains…

Edinburgh Fringe Theatre 2012 for a fiver

18 Jul 2012

Shows offering discounted previews at 2012 Edinburgh Edinburgh Festival Fringe

Desperate for a big dose of culture but short of the necessary funds? Kelly Apter, James Corlett and Suzanne Neilson pick a selection of Fringe theatre and dance previews, all showing at a venue near you at a price that’s nice.

Re-Animator at Edinburgh Fringe - "We’re throwing blood all over the audience!"

11 Jul 2012

54 gallons of blood and gore in play based on cult 80s film

Stuart Gordon holds a grisly place in movie trivia. ‘It’s true, I had the all-time record for most amount of fake blood used in a film,’ the director confirms, referring to the 24 gallons of corn syrup-based thick red gunge poured into his cult 1985…