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Puddles Pity Party: Let's Go!

5 Aug 20164 stars

An unexpected musical and visual delight with the saddest of clowns

Returning after 2015's triumphant debut, Puddles continues with another concoction of rock covers and gently anarchic humour. For an hour, he invites the audience into a world of his own making, with mime and 80s power ballads as the building blocks.

Puddles Pity Party

14 Aug 20155 stars

This sad clown brings joy

Despite his imposing physical presence and precise, expressive mime, there is more to Puddles than meets the eye. The Pity Party alternates between the sad clown's interpretations of classic rock and audience participation interludes, building to a…

Interview: Puddles Pity Party

4 Aug 2015

‘I think it is more theatre than cabaret. It’s therapeutic for me.’

All communication is fraught with the potential for misunderstanding, but an interview with Puddles the clown is a particularly challenging prospect. Despite the power of his rich singing voice – one that Fringe audiences will hear in his 2015 cabaret…