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Play - Guitar Hero III

17 Jan 20083 stars

XBOX 360/PS3/PS2 (Activision) Guitar Hero is always a joy. As a party game it is unsurpassed, producing some of the silliest sights you’ll ever see. The game’s perfectly pitched balance of piss-take and rock reverence always delights while the…

Life & Style - Play - Alien nation

10 Apr 20074 stars

Alien nation

So it’s finally here, after a four month delay, a barrage of negative press, and spiralling development costs, but was the PS3 worth the wait? Initial sales figures suggest so. Sony managed to sell 600,000 units across Europe in the first week alone and…

Life & Style - Play - Formula One Championship Edition

10 Apr 20072 stars

Formula One Championship Edition (Sony)

PS3 Unless you’re blessed with the cat-like dexterity of everyone’s favourite square-jawed Scot, chances are you’ll appreciate the help that Sony are trying to give in their latest racer. Unlike Mr Coulthard, most of us were born with fat chipolatas…

Life & Style - Play - Motorstorm

10 Apr 20074 stars

Motorstorm (Evolution Studios)

PS3 Mud. That’s apparently what next-gen is all about. Granted, this may not be the most ringing endorsement for drawing £425 from your bank account, but bear with us. You see, this isn’t just any old mud, oh no. It’s gloriously unpredictable…

Life & Style - Play - Sonic The Hedgehog

10 Apr 20071 star

Sonic The Hedgehog (Sega)

PS3 Remember the days when all Sonic had to worry about was running through shiny gold rings and traversing the occasional loop-the-loop? Well now he’s got a lot more to contend with. Other than rescuing his - disturbingly - human girlfriend, Sonic…