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Xbox One vs PlayStation 4 - launch titles for upcoming console war

25 Sep 2013

New generations of consoles from Sony and Microsoft set for launch in November 2013

The big news this autumn is all about Xbox One (Fri 22 Nov) and PlayStation 4 (Fri 29 Nov), as the two next gen consoles go head to head for the hearts and minds of videogame fanatics. PS4 seems to have won the initial skirmish, and on paper it appears…

PlayStation 4 vs Xbox One

22 May 2013

We put Sony and Microsoft's next generation consoles head to head and see how they compare

Hardware When it comes to the CPU (central processing unit, essentially the heart of the machine), both consoles resemble a current mid-range PC. They’ve opted for 8-core x86 architecture from PC component manufacturer AMD which means developers will…

Sony PS Vita handheld console - playtest

3 Feb 2012

We try out the new hardware with some of the PSV launch titles, including WipeOut and Uncharted

Sony’s new PS Vita is a pretty impressive bit of kit. It’s the most powerful dedicated handheld gaming device on the market. In practical terms it’s pretty much a PS3 in your pocket. The full HD OLED screen really pops and, due to the processing power…

Gaming round-up: March 2009

5 Mar 2009

This month is a quiet one for gamers everywhere but there are a few great titles finally the hitting the shop floor. We have dogfights over Europe, zombies, Empire building, getaway driving and big sweaty men in Lycra. Games are notorious for last…