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Crate Digging: Playdate's Steven and Stewart

5 Jan 2012

On the eve of the leftfield house night's fourth birthday, the residents pick some tunes for us

Steven Nôze ‘Remember Love’ (My Best Friend) features one simple piano loop with two drunk Frenchmen reminiscing over what could have been in broken English with rolling choppy drums that will never get old. Franco-knees-up-party-starting…

Cold Cave

13 Nov 20094 stars

Playdate, Sneaky Pete’s, Edinburgh, Sat 31 Oct

Almost inevitably, the shout goes up in the block of dead air after Philadelphian trio Cold Cave wind up their final track: ‘One more tune!’ Apologetically, bandleader Wesley Eisold turns to the crowd before getting busy unplugging his bank of synths.

Drums of Death

16 Oct 2008

Half grimy techno maverick, half supervillain Drums of Death (aka Colin Bailey) is on the brink of becoming Scotland’s latest electronica superstar. Perhaps too warped to storm the charts like Mylo or Calvin Harris, having growing up on a diet of…