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The Gospel at Colonus promises rousing theatre experience

16 Jul 2010

EIF soul and gospel take on Sophocles' tragedy sure to impress

If there’s a more roof-raising theatre experience at the entire festival, never mind just at the International end of things, we can’t wait to hear about it. Lee Breuer and Bob Telson’s The Gospel at Colonus merges rock’n’roll, soul and gospel to fire…

Peter and Wendy

17 Sep 20093 stars

A Caledonian Pan with puppets

Perhaps the weightiest problem that confronted Mabou Mines in bringing this long-established production (first conceived in the mid-80s and running for 14 years) to Edinburgh was the issue of how many tons of coal Newcastle could take. Putting up a…

Lee Breuer on Peter and Wendy

20 Aug 2009

The Mabou Mines director discusses bringing his critically acclaimed play to the EIF

Mabou Mines’ innovative, bittersweet adaptation of JM Barrie’s fantastic tale is brought to vivid life by performer Karen Kandel and seven puppeteers, accompanied by Johnny Cunningham’s original musical score, played live on stage by a seven piece band.

Hitlist: Theatre

20 Aug 2009

Our pick of the week's theatre

Faith Healer, The Yalta Game, Afterplay, The Overcoat, Controlled Falling Project, The Hotel, The Tartuffe/The Trial, Trilogy

Best of the Rest - Edinburgh International Festival

13 Jul 2009

Highlights of the Edinburgh International Festival

The Return of Ulysses, Bryn Terfel, The Last Witch, Bernarda Fink, Peter and Wendy, Actus Tragicus and Bank of Scotland Fireworks Concert

Setting the stage - Edinburgh International Festival

2 Apr 2009

EIF artistic director, Jonathan Mills, referred to the ‘menace and magic’ of this year’s festival programme, as he unveiled the highlights last week. In keeping with 2009’s Homecoming celebrations the Edinburgh International Festival launched works rich…