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Robert Webb: 'Mixture of sadness and rage' at Peep Show axe

31 Oct 2013

TV gossip

Robert Webb feels a "mixture of sadness and rage" that 'Peep Show' is ending. The 41-year-old actor is devastated that the sitcom - which follows the lives of two flatmates, Mark Corrigan (David Mitchell) and Jeremy 'Jez' Usbourne (Webb) from their…

David Mitchell hoping for Peep Show reunion in 20 years

2 Oct 2013

TV gossip

David Mitchell wants to bring 'Peep Show' back in 20 years if the series gets axed. The comic suggested there is "certainly a possibility" the sitcom's upcoming ninth series could be its last but he is hoping the Channel 4 show - which follows the…

Peep Show to be axed

25 Sep 2013

TV gossip

'Peep Show' is to be axed. Phil Clarke, Channel 4's Head of Comedy, has confirmed the long-running sitcom is going to be "rounded off" and he is currently in talks with creators Sam Bain and Jesse Armstrong - who have gone on to make 'Fresh Meant'…

David Mitchell: 'Peep Show could go on forever'

18 Oct 2012

TV gossip

David Mitchell and Robert Webb think 'Peep Show' could go on forever. The comic actors - who have portrayed flatmates Mark and Jeremy in the sitcom since 2003 - can't see the show ever running out of material and having to end. Speaking to the new…

Interview: Isy Suttie on tea, Technotronic and Ice, Ice, Baby

6 Jan 2012

Stand up comedian, actress, writer and musician

First record you ever bought. ‘This Beat is Technotronic’ by Technotronic. Last extravagant purchase you made My Martin three-quarter-size guitar. First film you saw that really moved you Manhattan. Last lie you told I told the postman…

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Isy Suttie

15 Aug 20113 stars

Cute, clever music-based comedy from the Peep Show comedian

Best known as geek love interest Dobby from Peep Show, Suttie’s an incredibly likeable comedian. Mixing stand-up and music, her humour has a real warmth and the stuttering love story of Pearl and Dave that runs through the show is instantly engaging and…

Sammy Winward's Peep Show crush

9 Jan 2011

TV Gossip

Sammy Winward has a secret crush on 'Peep Show' star David Mitchell. The 'Emmerdale' actress - who is a single mother to her five-year-old daughter Mia - admitted she has the hots for the geeky comedian because of how "funny" he is, and thinks they…

Peep Show's David Mitchell speaks out over new series premiering online

22 Nov 2010

Series 7 Episode 1 now screening at 4oD

In the run up to the new series of Peep Show, David Mitchell has been left defending himself after expressing his disappointment at the decision to release the first episode online, prior to its TV premiere. Series seven of the comedy starring David…

Paterson Joseph tipped to replace David Tennant as Doctor Who

27 Nov 2008

With David 'Doctor Who' Tennant ready to leave the building, actor Paterson Joseph, who has been hotly tipped to replace him. Joseph, known for his role as Johnson in Channel 4 comedy Peep Show and who appeared in two Doctor Who episodes in 2005…

Russell Brand turned down for Peep Show

17 Apr 2008

Russell Brand was turned down for a part in cult sitcom Peep Show before becoming famous, according to the show's star David Mitchell. Mitchell said: 'Apparently Russell auditioned for the part of Super Hans before he was well known on the first…

Remote Control

9 Apr 2007

Brian Donaldson finds that with modern comedy ther

The folk at ITV were not too keen on letting episodes of Get a Grip (STV, Wed 18 Apr, 10pm, 1 Star) find their way into journalists’ hands before the first episode went on air. The reason given was that the show was so darned topical that Ben Elton and…