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11 Oct 20164 stars

LFF 2016: Isabelle Huppert gives an astonishing central performance in Paul Verhoeven's dark character study

When we first see successful, middle-aged video games producer Michèle Leblanc, she is engaged in a violent struggle with an intruder who proceeds to rape her. Her character is immediately established when, instead of reporting the assault, she clears…

District 9

21 Aug 20094 stars

(15) 112min Under the guiding hand of producer Peter Jackson, South African writer/director Neill Blomkamp has expanded his 2005 Alive In Joberg short to feature length for this dazzling sci-fi thriller. Set in 2010, District 9 takes place on an…

Black Book

15 Jan 20074 stars

(15) 145min

With his creativity curtailed by Hollywood’s dream factory since 2000’s underwhelming Hollow Man, Paul Verhoeven has gone home to Holland, where he’s also made a return to form with this pacy, provocative wartime thriller. It’s a companion piece to his…

Black Book - Paul Verhoeven interview

15 Jan 2007

Dutch master Two decades after he left Holland for Hollywood’s dream factory, Paul Verhoeven has gone home to make his first Dutch film in 24 years. Having established himself as a critically and commercially successful maverick talent in Tinseltown…