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Comedy doctors: proving laughter is the best medicine

18 Nov 2013

Harry Hill and Phil Hammond are among those who straddle the worlds of comedy and medicine

Just what is it about the medical profession that gets the comedy juices flowing? TV history is resplendent with hospital-based sitcoms from Only When I Laugh to Scrubs, Green Wing to Getting On, and Garth Marenghi’s Darkplace to Let the Blood Run Free…

Paul Sinha: Looking at the Stars

16 Aug 20114 stars

Perfectly-judged swipe at celebrities, politicians and Twitter twats

Despite the assertion that he’s tired of being asked about current affairs, Paul Sinha has plenty on his mind. He reckons he’ll never be part of the A-list and so delivers a perfectly-judged swipe at celebrities, politicians and Twitter twats. There is…

My Comedy Hero: Paul Sinha on Daniel Kitson

28 Jun 2011

Comedian salutes talent and supreme ambition of friend and hero

My comedy hero is Daniel Kitson. I am certainly not breaking new ground with this choice. There is a breed of comedy fan who speaks of Daniel Kitson’s body of work with hushed reverence, and for many years bootleg tapes of his best work have been passed…

Susan Calman, Stephen K Amos and Bette/Cavett at Fringe 2010

23 Jul 2010

LGBT Edinburgh Fringe Highlights

The List’s LGBT section is about to take a well-earned break (returning in September, folks), but before we head off on our holidays, there’s just time to let you know about some of the gay-friendly stuff that’s appearing at a Fringe Festival near you…

Paul Sinha

11 Aug 20093 stars

The former GP continues to disappoint his parents with his stand-up show

The "Light up" refrain from Snow Patrol’s 'Run' is an apt intro for former GP Sinha’s bittersweet tale of singledom, casual racism and the parental disappointment wrought in turning to stand-up. Politically topical, championing quizzes and defending…

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Figures of Fun

29 Jul 2009

Number shows at the Festival

Brian Donaldson is counting on you to see these five numerically-challenged shows. 2 Left Hands. Acclaimed actors, writers and presenters, Leila Hackett and Charlotte Hudson return with more of their silly yet cerebral sketches, with a show entitled…

Go Faster Stripe

14 May 2009

Every November time an onslaught of comedy DVDs hits the nation’s shops and online retailers, almost as though there was some big occasion around the corner that stand-ups and their representatives wished to capitalise upon. Yet one wholly independent…

Profile - Paul Sinha

2 Oct 2008

1 The doctor is out He is indeed. Sinha might not be the UK’s only gay GP, but he is the world’s only gay Bengali GP who moonlights as a stand-up comic. This situation, as you might imagine, gives him plenty of material to go on. 2 He’s a Fringe…

Paul Sinha

9 Aug 20074 stars

King of the comedy world

Paul Sinha has a simple recipe for enjoying life. He wants us all to remember those fleeting moments when we felt like Leonardo DiCaprio in Titanic. While Sinha’s King of the World moments are rather more everyday than balancing on the prow of a doomed…

Comedy Hitlist

7 May 2007

The Best Comedy


Paul Sinha

7 May 2007


Paul Sinha

21 Aug 20062 stars

Paul Sinha... is the comic version... of Tony Blair. He speaks... in short, sharp, sentences. Only more vehemently... than the PM. He is tough... on racism, homophobia and apathy. And he is tough... on the causes of racism, homophobia and apathy. But…