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Nick Sharratt: 'There's nothing more rewarding than seeing a child enjoying one of your books'

20 Dec 2018

As Nonsense Room bring their production of You Choose to Edinburgh Christmas, the children's author and illustrator sits down to talk us through his work

Sitting in a booth at Edinburgh's Christmas Spiegeltent on Festival Square, Nick Sharratt is getting a quick preview of the show he's come to the city to see. You Choose is the adaptation of his and Pippa Goodhart's own multiple choice storybook, his…

You Choose

17 Dec 20183 stars

An entertainingly random production from Scotland's Nonsense Room

The unfilmable novel which ultimately makes it to the screen is a common trope in the cinema, and this latest production from Scotland's Nonsense Room creates a similar genre; the unstageable children's book which has somehow, against the odds, made its…

Nonsense Room Productions returns with You Choose, a show that's never the same twice

16 Nov 2018

Musical director Matthew Brown tells us more about the interactive musical production

Nonsense Room Productions has come a long way from putting on small-scale Edinburgh Fringe performances of Hairy Maclary. The company now has a global reach with tours of Asia and Australia on its CV, and is proud to be back in the Scottish capital to…

Little Red Riding Hood's Christmas Adventure is warm, knockabout fun

19 Dec 20173 stars

Nonsense Room Productions bring puppets, songs and a festive spin to the classic fairytale

Most well-known for their adaptation of The Hairy Maclary Show, Nonsense Room Productions are well-represented in Edinburgh this Christmas. Their stage version of Nick Sharratt's Shark in the Park is running in the Spiegeltent on Festival Square, and…

Shark in the Park has an irresistible pull for little children

8 Dec 20173 stars

Nick Sharratt adaptation fuses three stories in one in this lively show for younger children

The work of children's illustrator Nick Sharratt is instantly recognisable for its wonderfully vivid colours and cheery, plump-cheeked figures, as well as the impressive array of people he's worked with. Parents on bedtime story duty or observers of…

Hairy Maclary and Friends

8 Aug 20134 stars

Old school literary adaptation of New-Zealand's canine hero

Hairy Maclary is the titular canine hero of some 12 books by New Zealand author Dame Lynley Dodd. In the book he is a small black hairy creature of indeterminate breed, in the show he’s a 5’5” hairy costumed creature of indeterminate gender. He also has…