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Vikki Stone - Definitely

22 Aug 20133 stars

Musical comedian leaves her audience feeling warm and fuzzy

The big ending to Vikki Stone’s latest head-meltingly brash musical comedy hour is one of the cutest the Fringe has seen (or is likely to witness) in a very long time. This climax to a brazen show of double, single and triple entendres and busy, loud…

Comedian Helen Arney talks geeks and nerds

15 May 2013

The physics graduate/musical comedian is back with her new dream gig

A quick glance at Helen Arney’s June gig list says everything you need to know about the kind of audience she attracts. Among them are Lab Notes and Call My Genetically Engineered Bluff at the Cheltenham Science Festival, while in Scotland she has two…

Adam & Joe - Song Wars Volume 2

24 Nov 20103 stars

Buxton and Cornish's second take on musical satire

Named in an entirely unscientific recent Guardian poll as one of the top six double acts ever (alongside the likes of Vic ‘n’ Bob and Jen & Dawn), messrs Buxton and Cornish have gleefully held onto the juvenile exuberance that initially made them so…

Die Roten Punkte

10 Aug 20094 stars

Otto and Astrid aim to rock your world

Over the past few years, the piano-playing Tim Minchin has captured hearts at the Edinburgh Fringe while Kiwi double-act Flight of the Conchords also began their rise to super-stardom on the city’s hallowed streets. Die Roten Punkte – a pseudo-German…

Tim Minchin

31 Jan 2008

Considering the few acts who are able to pull it off without being greeted by a sea of groaning, musical comedy must surely be one of the most difficult cross-pollinations in the arts. There’s Bill Bailey, Flight of the Conchords and, erm, well that’s…


16 Aug 20074 stars

Australian musical comedy act Tripod could wring a few immediate laughs simply by virtue of their unlikely physical make-up. There’s the spindly, bespectacled guitarist who’s a dead- ringer for a young Maurice Gibb; the tall, excitable mop-top; and the…