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21 Aug 2009

Sub Pop folksters play Stereo

The seven-strong line-up of Nu folk band from the US of A headed by Andy Cabic is sometimes bolstered by Devendra Banhart (though we can’t guarantee his appearance at these dates). Tune into their layered, mesmeric folky sound on their latest album…

Pokey LaFarge

21 Aug 2009

Being totally honest, it was the tremendous name that first caught our eye with Mr LaFarge, but when you hear the ragged glories he knocks out on his acoustic six-string you know there’s more than just showbiz glitz to this critter. Like all genii…


20 Aug 2009

Facing up to change

Malinky have been around on the Scottish folk scene for over a decade now, and went through a scenario that many young bands face – the loss of a particularly prominent member to a solo career. The band initially got together to allow singer Karine…

Preston Reed

20 Aug 2009

Under the hammer

Guitarist Preston Reed is a dazzling exponent of the guitar technique broadly known as ‘hammering-on’, a percussive method of playing on the neck that looks as impressive as it sounds. You can get a flavour from his CDs, but there is no substitute for…

5 Questions: Antonio Forcione

20 Aug 2009

The outstanding guitarist answers our questions

5 words to describe your show Funky, evocative, personal, dynamic and humorous. 4 shows you’re looking forward to during August Boothby Graffoe (even when he is not here) Adriano Adewale, Stewart Lee and Nick Pynn. 3 things you love about…