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31 Jul 20174 stars

Revealing and affecting documentary about the motor-racing clan that brings its women to the fore

'The incredible true story of Formula One's greatest family,' is how the poster sells Williams; experienced documentary-maker Morgan Matthews relates the complex relationships within the Williams clan in painstaking detail, laying bare a narrative…


24 Feb 20154 stars

Glasgow Film Festival: Moving drama with Asa Butterfield and Rafe Spall

The story of a young maths prodigy with autism, Morgan Matthews’ film could be viewed as a juvenile Rain Man. At least that would be the case if a Hollywood studio had made it. But actually, this British tale of the difficulties of adolescence and…

Shooting Bigfoot

18 Jun 20133 stars

Quirky Sasquatch documentary about the men who hunt the legendary beast

We have consigned notions of dragons, minotaurs and giants to the status of fables but there are some monster myths that persist even in the modern world. The Yeti, the Chupacabra and Scotland's own Loch Ness Monster live on in the popular imagination…