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The Miss Behave Gameshow

13 Aug 20184 stars

Anarchic and interactive gameshow for adults

Chaotic, messy and anarchic: these words may have mostly negative connotations but they also provide the best definition of The Miss Behave Gameshow. With audience participation at its core, it's a totally unpredictable and frenzied interactive show in…

Miss Behave: 'I have a feeling that the most radical act could be kindness'

3 Aug 2018

The Las Vegas cabaret star on her award-winning game show, and the importance of conversation in a world filled with Brexit and Trump

The last time Miss Behave brought her game show to the Fringe, a friendly fracas occurred between a scantily clad acrobat and an audience member's breast. 'I had this acrobat run up on stage and strip all of his clothes off naked, only to do a back…

Fringe 2010 cabaret offerings are as colourful as ever

30 Jul 2010

Smoke & Mirrors, Alan Cumming and The Crack

From pared down to jazz-hands up, this year’s variety and cabaret offerings are as colourful as ever. Anna Millar meets the makers to find out why we just can’t get enough It’s a certain man who can shimmy from club door whore to straight-talking…