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Producers had Men in Black: International casting doubts

18 Jun 2019

Film gossip

The 'Men in Black: International' producers initially didn't want to cast Tessa Thompson alongside Chris Hemsworth after they acted opposite each other in 'Thor: Ragnarok'. Walter Parkes and Laurie Macdonald revealed that it was looked upon as a…

Chris Hemsworth reveals his career regrets

15 Jun 2019

Film gossip

Chris Hemsworth "disliked" filming some of his earliest movie projects. The 35-year-old actor has teamed up with Tessa Thompson to star in the much-hyped 'Men in Black: International' and while he relished the experience of working on the F. Gary…

Men In Black: International

12 Jun 20192 stars

Fourth instalment in the series reboots the action-comedy to no great effect

New cast, same old story. Men In Black: International – the fourth in the series but the first without Will Smith or Tommy Lee Jones – reboots the 'aliens-among-us' action-comedy to no great effect. True, we now have Thor star Chris Hemsworth to show…

Men in Black reboot given official title

6 Dec 2018

Film gossip

The 'Men in Black' reboot has been given the official title of 'Men in Black International'. The long-awaited movie – which is being directed by F. Gary Gray – has, until now, simply been known as the 'Men in Black' reboot or the 'Men in Black…

Rebecca Ferguson lands key role in Men In Black spin-off

3 Aug 2018

Film gossip

Rebecca Ferguson has been handed a key role in the new 'Men In Black' spin-off. The 34-year-old actress - who also stars in the 'Mission: Impossible' franchise - is set to appear alongside the likes of Chris Hemsworth, Tessa Thompson, Liam Neeson…

Emma Thompson's Men in Black return

25 Jul 2018

Film gossip

Emma Thompson is to star in a 'Men in Black' spin-off. The 'Nanny McPhee' actress will reprise her role as Agent O - who she played in 2012 movie 'Men in Black 3' - in the forthcoming film, which will also feature 'Thor: Ragnarok' co-stars Chris…

Liam Neeson in talks for new Men In Black movie

23 May 2018

Film gossip

Liam Neeson is in talks to star in the new 'Men In Black' movie. The 65-year-old actor is wanted to join the cast of the sci-fi spin-off which already includes 'Thor: Ragnarok' co-stars Chris Hemsworth and Tessa Thompson who have signed up to play…

Tessa Thompson to star in new Men in Black

22 Mar 2018

Film gossip

Tessa Thompson is to star in the 'Men In Black' reboot. The 34-year-old actress is in talks to join her 'Thor: Ragnarok' co-star Chris Hemsworth - who is close to signing a deal - in Sony's upcoming sci-fi tale. If they both sign up, the pair…

Chris Hemsworth is in talks for Men in Black reboot

1 Mar 2018

Film gossip

Chris Hemsworth is in early talks to star in a 'Men in Black' reboot. The 34-year-old actor - who is best known for starring as Thor in the Marvel Cinematic Universe - is reportedly attached to star in the reboot of the Sony Pictures sci-fi…

F Gary Gray to direct Men in Black reboot

2 Feb 2018

Film gossip

F Gary Gray is reportedly in talks to direct the 'Men in Black' reboot. The 48-year-old film producer has had a very successful few years as he's recently wrapped up 'Fast and Furious 8' and now bosses at Sony are keen to persuade him to lead the…

Steven Spielberg to produce Men In Black spinoff

30 Sep 2017

Film gossip

Steven Spielberg is set to produce a 'Men In Black' spinoff. The legendary director - who was an executive producer on the original trilogy - is developing a new take on the franchise, with 'Iron Man' writers Matt Holloway and Art Marcum penning the…

Chris O'Donnell was tricked out of Men In Black role

5 Jul 2017

Film gossip

Chris O'Donnell was tricked into turning down a lead role in 'Men In Black'. The 47-year-old actor had played Robin in 1995's 'Batman Forever' in and was reprising his role in 1997's 'Batman and Robin' - which saw George Clooney take on the role of…

Sinitta thinks Honey G is out of The X Factor

30 Oct 2016

TV gossip

Sinitta doesn't think 'X Factor' artist Honey G will survive this week's elimination. The 53-year-old singer took to Twitter on Saturday (29.10.16) as she sat in the live audience for the singing competition and gave her comments on all the remaining…

Will Smith forgets lyrics to Men in Black

23 Jun 2016

Music gossip

Will Smith forgot the lyrics to 'Men in Black' at an impromptu gig with Coldplay's Chris Martin in Cannes, France on Tuesday (21.06.16). The 47-year-old actor - who sings on the song from the 1997 movie of the same name - surprised attendees at the…

Will Smith: I try not to over-act

26 Nov 2015

Film gossip

Will Smith is determined to not over-act. The 47-year-old Hollywood star is among the world's most recognisable actors and he has admitted that one of the secrets to his success is to "not act too much" as he believes this deters viewers. He said…

Will Smith's family 'helping with new album'

8 Nov 2015

Music gossip

Will Smith's family is helping him with his upcoming album. The 'Men in Black' hitmaker, who has won four Grammy Awards, had four Top 10 singles and sold over 20 million albums over the course of his career, has reportedly roped in his 14-year-old…

Chris Miller 'interested' in Men In Black and Jump Street crossover

24 Feb 2015

Film gossip

Chris Miller admits a 'Men In Black' and 'Jump Street' crossover movie is an "interesting concept". The 39-year-old director - who helped to create the 'Jump Street' franchise - has responded to speculation regarding a film that brings the two brands…

Talks held over 21 Jump Street, Men In Black crossover

11 Dec 2014

Film gossip

Sony is considering making a '21 Jump Street' and 'Men In Black' crossover film. Leaked emails, seen by The Wall Street Journal, show the studio is weighing up the idea of releasing a film that fuses the two franchises together in 2016 or 2017. In…

Tommy Lee Jones to star in Criminal

24 Jul 2014

Film gossip

Tommy Lee Jones has joined the cast of 'Criminal'. According to Variety, the 'Men In Black' actor will star in the upcoming Millennium Films spy thriller alongside Kevin Costner and Gary Oldman. The picture centres on a dead CIA operative's…

The Film Formula: RIPD

17 Sep 2013

We discover the elements behind the Ryan Reynolds and Jeff Bridges-starring ghost-buster

We kinda gave ourselves away in the sub-headline there, didn't we? Yup, RIPD – in which the deceased Nick (Ryan Reynolds) and Roy (Jeff Bridges) are tasked with taking down ghostly bad guys on behalf of the Rest In Peace Department – bears a strong…

Will Smith says no to Men in Black 4

4 Jun 2013

Film gossip

Will Smith doesn't want to make 'Men in Black 4'. The 'After Earth' actor isn't keen on reprising his role as Agent J in the alien franchise, insisting that three movies is "enough". The actor told "I think three is enough for me.

Welcome to 3D hell - upcoming 3D films

16 Sep 2010

The latest films unable to say no to the film technology

Jackass 3-D The third documentary feature outing for Johnny Knoxville and his merry band of aging masochists is, you guessed it, in 3D. Why and to what effect remains a mystery. Out 5 Nov. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 1 & 2 The…