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Purple pornstar namesake draws us a rather un-sexual picture

19 Aug 2010

Board Meeting: Sarah-Louise Young

Sarah-Louise Young takes on many guises. She's a darling of the cabaret scene, adopting a variety of characters to showcase her many acting and vocal talents. She's also, as it happens, one of our most chipper models to date. And the ukulele? Apparently…

Me! Me! Me!

19 Aug 20104 stars

Join the Vive Le Cabaret team for some shite white win

This lunchtime cabaret-burlesque offering from Des O'Connor (not to be confused with a certain perma-tanned chat show host), Sarah-Louise Young (definitely not the first porn actress to earn more than $1m for a single film, even if she'd welcome the…

Pipe smoking Mr B Scribbles down some of his favourite things, "Me"

13 Aug 2010

Board Meeting: Me! Me! Me!

There are some acts that you meet and wish they made the rules for how the rest of the world dressed, behaved and rapped. Mr B the Gentleman Rhymer doesn't, yet, but you could totally get tips in his lunchtime show at the Ghillie Dhu. But keep the pipe…