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The Winter's Tale poorly manages dramatic shifts in mood

16 Feb 20173 stars

Even Max Webster's thoughtful direction can't rescue an ill-structured script

Although The Winter's Tale has never quite enjoyed the popularity of Shakespeare's most familiar plays, the idiosyncratic structure, mixture of comedy and tragedy and its famous 'exit pursued by a bear' stage direction does offer ambitious directors an…

Theatre review: Right Now

16 May 20164 stars

A visit to desire and grief – with added comedy

Alice (Lindsey Campbell) and Ben (Sean Biggerstaff) have recently moved into a new apartment. While he works long hours as a doctor, she stays at home, grieving over their recently deceased baby. When the family across the hall introduce themselves and…

The Jennifer Tremblay Trilogy III: The Deliverance

21 Aug 20153 stars

It's all about the words

Like the first two instalments of the Trilogy, Stellar Quines' The Deliverance is a solo performance by Maureen Beattie. An elaborate set – the stage is transformed into the interior of a church, complete with burning candles – houses a monologue that…

Yer Granny: classic Argentinian comedy adapted by National Theatre of Scotland

18 May 2015

Scottish version of Roberto Cossa’s La Nona stars Gregor Fisher, Maureen Beattie and Jonathan Watson

‘I’m ashamed to say that I’d never heard of it,’ says adapting writer Douglas Maxwell of Roberto Cossa’s 1977 play La Nona, the most successful Argentinian stage show ever and the recipient of an all-star BBC adaptation in 1991 (starring Les Dawson, Liz…

My Edinburgh: Maureen Beattie from Stellar Quines production The Carousel

2 Aug 2014

Show running at Traverse for Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2014

My first Edinburgh festival experience was when I was about 16. I did the make-up for a show that pupils at my brother Paul’s boarding school were putting on. I had no idea what I was doing but – in the true spirit of the Fringe – I blagged my way…

Edinburgh Lyceum's Mark Thomson discusses Dark Road, the first play by Ian Rankin

17 Sep 2013

The Rebus author has crafted a shady serial killer story for the stage

Artistic director of the Edinburgh Lyceum and co-writer of Dark Road, Mark Thomson recognises that there is something natural in the theatre’s collaboration with Ian Rankin, a crime writer who has become part of Edinburgh’s cultural landscape. Dark…

Rebus author Ian Rankin set to launch Lyceum’s 2013/14 programme

30 Apr 2013

The new season features works from Chris Hannan, Tony Cownie and David Haig

A play by Ian Rankin is just one of four world premieres and three new co-productions to be announced as part of the Royal Lyceum Theatre’s new season. Rebus novelist Rankin’s play will launch the season as part of a crime double bill, with Maureen…

Actress Maureen Beattie discusses her part in the RSNO Christmas Concert

19 Dec 2012

The kid-friendly classical performance will feature Raymond Brigg's The Snowman, narrated by Beattie

Maureen Beattie is no stranger to Christmas entertainment. Although best known for her spell in Casualty, the Scottish actress has trod many a board during the festive season, much like her father – comedian and actor, Johnny Beattie – before her. So…

Hot 100 2012: 59-50

11 Dec 2012

Billy Connolly, Optimo and Kevin Bridges among Scotland's hottest cultural contributors in 2012

The Hot 100 is our list of Scotland’s 100 hottest individuals and groups who’ve made a splash this year, from comic book writers to comedians, artists to actors. If they've contributed to Scotland's cultural landscape in 2012, you'll find them here.

The List

13 Aug 20124 stars

Maureen Beattie delivers this bleakly poignant dramatic monologue from Stellar Quines

In 1916, American playwright Susan Glaspell wrote a one-act piece, Trifles, about two women using their intimate knowledge of the domestic sphere to hide clues right under the noses of a group of men investigating a murder. It may be nearly a century…

Stellar Quines' The List, starring Maureen Beattie, examines the female condition

28 Jul 2012

Fringe show charts story of bereaved woman struggling to come to terms with rural living

Actress Maureen Beattie is talking about cake. Not in the way that most women do, about trying to resist temptation, but more about how baking and decorating can be a creative experience. It is a symbol of domestic prowess, but also an outlet for…

NTS tackles phone-hacking with Enquirer

16 Apr 2012

New site-specific work relies on verbatim transcripts from journalists

Into the pristine, empty top floor of the Hub, a media office block between the Clyde, Film City and the BBC, has come the clutter of a newspaper office. The mismatched chairs, the cardboard coffee trays, the piles of paper are all present and correct.

Henrik Ibsen: Ghosts

30 Apr 2009

Fellow Norwegians Henrik Ibsen and Edvard Munch may have been born 35 years apart but, for a brief moment in the late 19th century, their artistic eras collided: Munch – who was yet to create his legacy, ‘The Scream’ – designed the set for Ghosts, a new…