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10 Glasgow Comedy Festival comedians pick their favourite films

18 Feb 2015

Which funny films make the comics laugh the hardest? We asked some to find out

With the Glasgow International Comedy Festival just around the corner, Brian Donaldson caught up with 10 comedians and asked each of them what they favourite big screen comedies were.

Mark Nelson: Please Think Responsibly

10 Aug 20143 stars

The comedian has wondrous images tucked up his barbed sleeve at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe

Still a spritely 33-year-old, Mark Nelson nevertheless feels the weight of responsibility on his shoulders. Now married and with a young daughter, he reminisces about his carefree teenage days, yet even with this youthful audience, it’s telling that he…

Famous locals reveal their favourite places in Glasgow

9 Jul 2014

Featuring Mark Nelson, Peter Ross, Kirsty Logan, Lauren Mayberry and Tracyanne Campbell

Mark Nelson, Comedian ‘My favourite place in Glasgow is the Barrowlands Ballroom. For the bouncy floor and the roof that sweats and the fact you can buy 16 cans of Tennent’s off a guy at a desk. For the fact that every single important band has played…

5 Scottish Comedians of the Year at Glasgow Intl Comedy Festival 2014

25 Feb 2014

Keep your eyes open for Scott Agnew, Mark Nelson, Larry Dean, Jamie Dalgleish and John Gavin

1 Scott Agnew One of the finest comperes in the land, Agnew can also flesh out excellent stories about his crazy old life. This one is entitled I've Snapped My Banjo String … So Let's Just Talk. Probably the tallest of all the Scottish Comedians of…

Joke Thieves: The show that encourages stealing material

29 Jan 2014

The show lets comedians 'duplicate, spoof, parody, deconstruct or destroy' other comics' sets

There’s a tacit understanding on the comedy circuit that plagiarism is one of the worst crimes a comic can commit. But at Joke Thieves, acts have to swap routines – each does five minutes of their own material before reproducing five minutes by someone…

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Scotland's arts community rally to raise money for the Clutha Appeal Fund

18 Dec 2013

A series of music & comedy gigs are taking place to raise funds in the wake of the helicopter crash

Following the devastating helicopter crash at The Clutha in Glasgow, the arts community in Scotland has been rallying around to organise events and benefit nights, with proceeds going to the Clutha Appeal Fund. Glasgow Stands Up for The Clutha (Sun…

Best Hogmanay events in Edinburgh and Glasgow 2013

12 Dec 2013

How to spend the Christmas holidays, New Year's Eve and New Year's Day in Scotland

The best events in Glasgow and Edinburgh for Hogmanay 2013/2014. Plus, all the places open on New Year's Day. 1 Watch some pop lords. The former assistant editor of Smash Hits (that’s Neil Tennant, fact fans) and Chris Lowe bring their deadpan, yet…

Top 5 Hogmanay events in Edinburgh and Glasgow

25 Nov 2013

Optimo, Subculture, Pet Shop Boys and The Stand's Hogmanay Hootfests among the best NYE events

Don’t fancy a night in with the Hootenanny on telly? Here are five other options to consider for Hogmanay Optimo: Hogmanay Masters of the New Year party, Optimo invite Golden Teacher along to bring in two oh one four. With Twitch and Wilkes…

5 things to see at Funny In Falkirk comedy festival

11 Jul 2013

Dylan Moran, Felicity Ward, David Baddiel and more

1 Felicity Ward. This Aussie comic has gently crept up the comedy ladder and is now a fully-blown must-see act. And behind the joviality, she’s not afraid to tackle some of the tough stuff that’s happened in her life. As if that wasn’t enough, she’s on…

Mark Nelson: Under the Radar

11 Aug 20124 stars

The formerly vicious comic's new attitude results in moments of profound hilarity

Mark Nelson may be going soft. When he first launched onto the scene, winning the inaugural Scottish Comedian of the Year competition in 2006, his more barbed quips could have made Frankie Boyle wince. Now just into his thirties and settled down, Nelson…

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Great Scots: Home-grown comedy talent at the 2012 Edinburgh Fringe

11 Jul 2012

Let's not forget home-grown talent this Edinburgh Fringe

Scott Agnew. With Tales of the Sauna, we can be guaranteed some bawdy material, blistering repartee and belly-altering laughs as the former Scottish Comedian of the Year reveals just about everything about the world of gay saunas.

Why I'm coming back to the Glasgow Comedy Festival

28 Feb 2012

Ardal O'Hanlon, Daniel Sloss and more share their love of the GCF

Henning Wehn, Daniel Sloss, Arnold Brown, Michael Winslow, Ardal O’Hanlon, Fascinating Aida's Dillie Keane, Vikki Stone, Mark Nelson, Dorothy Paul and Patrick Monahan tell us why Glasgow's comedy festival is important to them.

Mark Nelson's comedy hero: Doug Stanhope

18 Oct 2011

One charmingly profane comic praises another

Naturally being Scottish, I have always regarded Billy Connolly as an inspiration and probably the inventor of modern stand-up. Growing up I always loved Jack Dee and Frank Skinner and now as a comedian myself there are comics I work with whom I…

Mark Nelson

16 Aug 20113 stars

Straight talker whose profanity is utterly charming

With no narrative arc or gimmicks, Nelson presents himself as a straight talker, not scared of eliciting shocked gasps with his more provocative material. He deals in the controversial with a cheeky grin, as if the words magically appeared in his mouth.

The shocking, rude and offensive highlights of the 2011 Edinburgh Fringe

6 Jul 2011

The controversial shows of Edinburgh Fringe 2011

If boundary-pushing comedy is your thing, or if you just like smutty jokes, you’ll no doubt find a suitably impolite act at the Fringe. Jonny Ensall ranks 2011’s controversial shows by their level of offensiveness

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Edinburgh Fringe Festival comedy shows to look out for in 2011

9 Jun 2011

Margaret Cho, Todd Barry and Imran Yusuf among 2011 ones to watch

Down List way, we’ve just about recovered from the devastating news that there will be no sign this year of Bo Burnham, Jonny Sweet, Tommy Tiernan or Pappys. But if you think that kind of comedic void can be filled by this year’s galaxy of acts, then…

Rise of the comedy supergig in 2011

12 Jan 2011

John Bishop, Jimmy Carr, Russell Howard, Peter Kay, Lee Evans and John Cleese set for 2011 UK tours

When we get to this point next year and look back at the comedy highlights of 2011, no doubt much talk will be of the supergigs. John Bishop, Jimmy Carr, Russell Howard, Peter Kay, Lee Evans, Lenny Henry, John Cleese (yes, that John Cleese), Jason…

Mark Nelson - Offending the Senses

13 Aug 20104 stars

A jolt to the comedy system

Armed with a stage presence that makes Wil Hodgson appear as hyper as any of the comedy Russells, Mark Nelson has opted to simply be a cracking joke-teller. And ultimately, in a Fringe packed to their mainly low rafters with weak concept shows…

Five new faces in British comedy to watch in Edinburgh

30 Jul 2010

A quintet of bright and shiny debutants from the UK

Joe Rowntree Hindsight is a great thing, but who knows where this guy would be now had his planned collaboration with Laura Solon in 2005 arrived in Edinburgh. She only went and won the Perrier on her tod and half a decade later, he’s making his…

Glasgow Comedy Festival highlights

3 Mar 2010

Frankie Boyle The mighty Boyle – slapper of small animals, biter of the handicapped [imagined details, as opposed to real fact] – was clearly down the pub on the day they were dishing out the decorum lessons. Syringe-sharp, endlessly abusive but…

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Comedy Hitlist

17 Sep 2009

The events bound to raise a smile

Billy Connolly, Daliso Chaponda, Fred MacAulay, Iain Heggie, Mark Nelson, Miles Jupp, Scott Agnew, Scottish Comedian of the Year Grand Final, Stand Up For Myeloma,

5 things to see at: Merchant City Festival

3 Sep 2009

Kevin Bridges, Scott Agnew, Mark Nelson, Raymond Mearns, Scottish Comedian of the Year

Scottish Comedian of the Year

18 Sep 2008

STAND-UP COMPETITION Approaching its third anniversary, the Scottish Comedian of the Year final looms ever more influentially in the stand-up calendar. Inspired by Manchester’s City Life contest – won by the likes of Peter Kay, Chris Addison and…


23 Apr 2007


Tony Carter (pictured) We’ve recently seen Will Andrews twiddling the knobs and flicking some switches as a tech guy for other comics, but we love him most when he’s bounding on stage as his feckless Geordie jester alter ego. Liquid Room, Edinburgh, Thu…

Mark Nelson

12 Mar 2007

Raw energy

Mark Nelson’s mouth has been getting him in trouble for quite some time now. Back in his day as a Dumfries schoolboy, he was indulging in between-song banter while appearing with local band Evac-Chair, named after the vehicle which transports an…