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Mark-Francis Vandelli's parents disapprove of Made In Chelsea

26 Oct 2014

TV gossip

Mark-Francis Vandelli's parents have "disowned" him for appearing on 'Made In Chelsea'. The 25-year-old reality star admits his fiercely private mother and father, socialite Diana and Italian ex-industrialist Marzio don't agree with his decision to…

Mark-Francis Vandelli wants to ban sandals

16 Aug 2014

TV gossip

Mark-Francis Vandelli thinks wearing flip-flops should be banned. The 'Made In Chelsea' star has confessed he thinks it's socially unacceptable to expose too much of ones feet while in public and therefore would like the production of sandals to be…

Mark-Francis regrets Made in Chelsea

4 Aug 2014

TV gossip

Mark-Francis Vandelli regrets signing up for 'Made In Chelsea'. The reality TV star - who is known for his extravagant ways and posh accent on the E4 series - has revealed he didn't expect there to be so much intrusion on his private life when he…

Mark-Francis Vandelli 'in talks for Channel 4 show'

29 Nov 2011

TV Gossip

Mark-Francis Vandelli is in talks with Channel 4 to front his own fashion show. The 'Made In Chelsea' star - who has been working on a jewellery range on the E4 show alongside co-star Amber Atherton - admitted the time has come for him to move away…

MIC's Mark-Francis banned from reality TV

28 Nov 2011

TV Gossip

Mark-Francis Vandelli's parents told him they would never speak to him again if he took part in a reality TV show. The eccentric 'Made In Chelsea' star explained his wealthy parents were concerned that him appearing in the E4 series could tarnish…