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Knock, Knock

22 Jun 20152 stars

Eli Roth's latest is a home invasion thriller with a twist, featuring Keanu Reeves

Following on from his triumphant turn as an assassin in John Wick, Eli Roth’s home invasion thriller brings Keanu Reeves back to earth in unceremonious fashion. A reworking of Peter S Traynor's 1977 exploitation thriller Death Game, Knock Knock…

The Green Inferno

19 Jun 20143 stars

Eli Roth delves into jungle cannibalism and gives gorehounds plenty of gristle to chew on

A plane full of student protesters head off half-cocked into the Amazon trying to protect the rainforest and the indigenous tribes. After confronting a team of loggers, their ordeal really begins. On their way back to civilisation their plane crashes in…

Interview: Eli Roth on Aftershock, The Last Exorcism II and Green Inferno

25 Aug 2013

Modern master of horror on busy year acting, directing and producing

‘Once you’ve acted for Quentin Tarantino alongside Christoph Waltz, Brad Pitt and Diane Kruger, you’re like “Ok, I can do this,”’ says Eli Roth with a mischievous grin. Best known for his work behind the camera creating and directing groundbreaking…


28 Feb 20133 stars

Eli Roth co-writes and stars in this grisly disaster movie

Aftershock was probably the biggest film of the FrightFest weekend, mainly because star/co-writer/horror icon Eli Roth was in the house for the screening (along with director Nicolás López and co-star Lorenza Izzo), a real coup for the festival. The…