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Valentine's Day - How to buy lingerie

3 Feb 2012

Don’t get your knickers in a knot - Scottish underwear experts provide expert advice

‘When someone enters the store, and motions to one of the agents, “She’s about your size,” that’s the biggest no-no of all!’ says Jemma Hill, manager at Agent Provocateur in Glasgow. ‘If you’re too shy to ask your partner about sizes, look at the labels…

Donate your pants to Zimbabwe and Ethiopia

29 Apr 2010

Lingerie emporium Boudiche has found a charitable use for unwanted bras and knickers, as Claire Sawers discovers...

Female focused sex shops

4 Oct 2007

This week I’ve been spending time in sex shops. Oh, stop sniggering at the back there. I bet you’re thinking of sticky floors and flickering neon, now, aren’t you? Grubby windows and lone, sweaty-palmed gentlemen who can’t quite meet the cashier’s eye.

‘Knickers to Glasgow’ slogan banned from city cabs

4 Oct 2007

An advertising gimmick from upmarket underwear firm Agent Provocateur, which would have seen the slogan ‘Knickers to Glasgow’ emblazoned on city taxis, has been banned. Glasgow City Council’s licensing committee agreed that it would be inappropriate…