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Scottish BAFTA awards 2011 shortlist announced

18 Oct 2011

Peter Mullan's NEDS receives four nominations in this year's shortlist

The Scottish BAFTA Awards have returned after a one-year absence, with the nominations shortlist announced yesterday by Karen Dunbar. Peter Mullan's NEDS, a film telling the story of a teenage boy growing up in 1970s Glasgow, received four…

Limmy has a new BBC2 series on the way - interview

16 Feb 2011

Glaswegian funnyman on Doop, Yazz and sounding like a fanny

First record you ever bought The Only Way Is Up, by Yazz and the Plastic Population. First film you saw that really moved you Watership Down. Last lie you told An email where I said I was too busy to do something, when I’m not. First…

Limmy's Show

22 Nov 20104 stars

The series which brought credibility to BBC Scotland comedy roster

(15) 180min (2entertain) A stoned loner notices peculiar inconsistencies on TV adverts at 4am. A bushy-eyebrowed executive plots his excuses before the local constabulary show up at his office. A paranoid ex-junkie takes offence at the most…

Limmy and Rab, welcomed onto TV

3 Feb 2010

Are we actually in the midst of a halcyon period for Scottish telly comedy? Or is it easy to get carried away when, to use the vernacular of their main figureheads, two current shows aren’t actually pish. Ringing in the new is Limmy’s Show (BBC2, Mon…

Autumn Television

18 Sep 2008

Britain is in utter chaos. The dead have returned to life and are attacking the living who, once deceased, then get up and do some more killing. The only people unaware of this horrendous phenomenon are the occupants of the Big Brother household. But…