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Korean restaurant Ong Gie highlights an Asian cuisine on its way from novelty to familiarity

28 Aug 2013

The Edinburgh eatery offers seafood, kimchi and bulgogi barbeques

A decade ago, Edinburgh had just three Japanese restaurants and the consumption of raw fish was viewed with a raised eyebrow. This month, the opening of Ong Gie in Tollcross marked the arrival of the capital’s third Korean restaurant after subterranean…

5 reasons to go to ... John Lamond’s Whisky Trail Course

3 Sep 2013

1 Learn some production facts We are home to some of the finest bottles of it, it’s ingrained in Scottish culture and it’s our visitors’ go-to souvenir of choice. Yet how much do most of us really know about what goes into whisky production? This…

A guide to the best food in Perthshire

15 Nov 2013

Finding the best cafes, restaurants, bakeries and suppliers in Perthshire Scotland

Further details on the businesses with their own retail outlets can be found listed in the Where to Buy section of this guide. Fruit & Veg Perthshire’s famously fertile soil is historically strong on fruit. Growers mainly grow soft fruit both for…

An overview of the food and drink of Lanarkshire

9 Sep 2013

A round-up of what’s grown, reared, made and brewed in the Scottish region

Further details on the businesses with their own retail outlets can be found listed in the Where to Buy section of this guide. Fruit & Veg. Lanarkshire’s fruit cultivation may be a shadow of what it once was, but there are encouraging signs of the…

The best student fashion - to take you from lecture hall to house party

9 Sep 2013

Girls and Boys fashion from Life Story, Eden and HB Electronics at Herman Brown

Life’s too short to plan multiple outfits for the same day, so we’ve done it for you. After scouring some of Edinburgh’s finest independent boutiques, we present our guide to making the tricky fashion leap from daytime lecture-hopping to night-time…

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Top 10: The best Android and iOS apps for students

9 Sep 2013

Including Khan Academy, Tinder, Redlaser and Wunderlist

Guess what? You don’t need an app to read The List. Our websites - including,, and - are fully functional on your phone. But from fancy calculators to flirting tools, Henry Northmore picks the best apps that…

Why the landscape of Perthshire makes for ideal raspberry-growing conditions

15 Nov 2013

The fruitfarms around Blairgowrie are among the best in Scotland

In France, they talk about ‘terroir’, the unique interplay of climate, soil, tradition, and human touch that gives a region’s products its very distinctive identity. But as Perthshire’s famed raspberries prove, that ‘terroir’ is never quite set in…

Misadventures in Wonderland: Amazing Gracies Women's Football Team

18 Oct 2013

Our intrepid columnist Alice tells us what she learned the LGBT-friendly sports club

What did I go to? Amazing Gracies is an LGBT-friendly women’s football club that has a friendly kick-about vibe. Being a women’s team wasn’t what made it particularly adventurous, nor was it the LGBT part. I went because I’m a misery and have to go to…

The best neighbourhood pubs and bars in Edinburgh and Glasgow

15 Oct 2013

The last few years have seen a revival of top notch watering holes beyond the city centres

Back in August, the Good Beer Guide 2014 declared that up to 4000 British pubs would go out of business over the next year, and that it was ‘high time they closed their doors’ to make way for new licensees with fresh ideas. Maybe what the editors…

Food review: Twenty Princes Street

15 Oct 2013

The upmarket city centre restaurant is more than just the Royal British Hotel's dining room

The dam of tram works in the West End has opened up and soon the trams themselves will be shoogling (or swishing – who knows?) along Edinburgh’s majestic, open-sided main artery. Princes Street is on the comeback trail, something the Cairn Hotel Group…

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Hallowe'en recipe: make your own Devilled Pumpkin Soup

15 Oct 2013

Elaine Mason, head soupmonger at Union of Genius, offers a warm way to spice up your autumn

I usually use Crown Prince pumpkins, or the little bright orange winter squash called Uchiki Kuri. If the only pumpkin you can find is the big ones people buy for carving, I'd suggest mixing that pumpkin with butternut squash 50:50 – those biggies have…

Paranormal pubs and insidious inns - some of Scotland's most haunted locals

1 Oct 2013

Featuring The Saracen Head in Glasgow, The Coylet Inn in Dunoon and The Burns Tavern in Motherwell

Scotland can be a spooky country. Perhaps it’s the cold stone and dark closes of our cities, the gloam that clings to our barren moors and crags, or our history that brims with a thick and bloody mixture of terrible deeds committed by truly awful…

WATCH: The Deathstroke gameplay trailer from Batman: Arkham Origins

26 Sep 2013

With a month to go until the release of Batman: Arkham Origins (the third in the wildly popular Arkham series), Warner Bros Games UK have unveiled a gameplay trailer featuring the playable character Deathstroke – a villain we've already had a glimpse of…

Food review: McCune Smith Café

25 Sep 2013

The thought-provoking venue that breathes new life into a dining-out dead-zone in Glasgow's east end

This Duke Street premises just off the High Street was originally taken over by former GSA student Dan Taylor as a design studio, until spiralling costs necessitated a radical business re-think. When a friend suggested opening a café, of which…

Where to celebrate Oktoberfest in Scotland

25 Sep 2013

Events marking the German beer festival on these shores include OktoberWEST and Cocktoberfest

No longer is Oktoberfest something you have to head for Germany to experience. This year, Scotland has gone especially Oktoberfest-mad. The biggest event, simply called Oktoberfest, starts off with a hop-soaked five days in Princes Street Gardens…

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Lupe Pintos' Chilli Cook-Off aims to find the best chilli in Glasgow and Edinburgh

18 Sep 2013

World food store owner Dougie Bell talks to us about the meaty day out

Back again for its third year running (or the second, in the case of its younger Edinburgh leg), independent world food store Lupe Pintos’ Chili Cook-Off is an inspired idea, a challenge to ten bars and restaurants in the vicinity of their Glasgow and…

The Question: What are your favourite dog-friendly pubs?

16 Sep 2013

We ask a question, you guys answer it. This month: your favorite pubs to take dogs to

@msbellejones The 13th Note and The Bungo. Both in Glasgow both owned by the dog-loving Jackie Fennessey. Both serving great food. @wordsofwardy Bridge Inn, Ratho? Bryan Murrin Big Slope, Glasgow - best dog pub about! @charlotteruncie…

A guide to LGBT student life in Glasgow

9 Sep 2013

Student's-eye-view of the Glasgow gay scene

TYCI. A collective run by women and hosting a series of live events, TYCI (that’s Tuck Your Cunt In) are responsible for a club night at Bloc on the third Saturday of the month and various one-off event collaborations. Go along for a woman-focused…

A student's guide to sex, dating and relationships

9 Sep 2013

On being a virgin, one-night stands, STI check-ups and long-distance relationships

Meeting People. They’re going to be everywhere, all the time. In the bars, in classes, in halls, with your friends, in your extracurricular activities, in your sports teams. They’re everywhere, hundreds of new people everywhere all the time. Like…

Student's guide to saving money

9 Sep 2013

Free TV, the myth of 'out of date' food and how to manage your budget

Rule One: Sponge off your parents. Sure, you’ve already thought of this, but did you know there are more ways to milk your parents dry than just demanding their hard-earned cash? Take contents insurance, for example. Many insurers will let your parents…

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Scotland's Food Landscape: Sheep

6 Sep 2013

A look at the place of lamb and sheep in Scotland's landscape, history, farming heritage and diet

If you were to travel around Scotland seeking an insight into how the country farms and feeds itself, you would inevitably look at the way the land is used. Allowing, for now, that in the modern world there's not always a reliably logical connection…

A student's guide to renting property in Scotland

5 Sep 2013

Tips on how to keep your tenancy smooth and your bank balance happy

Study the small print It’s essential you know what your lease says. The parts to pay closest attention to are the reasons why you might lose your deposit – keep these in mind during your stay, and you’re more likely to get your full deposit back…

A student's guide to staying safe

5 Sep 2013

Moving to a new city to study and getting to grips with the dos and don’ts of unfamiliar territory can be a tricky business, so let’s kick off your stay with some good news. According to official Scottish Government statistics, crime rates in…

A student's guide to voting in the Independence Referendum

5 Sep 2013

With the Independence Referendum coming up in 2014, now’s a good time to make sure you’re registered to vote. Am I eligible? You’re eligible to vote in the Scottish Independence Referendum if you’re currently living in Scotland, and you’ll be aged…

A look at the highlights of the Scottish Food & Drink Fortnight 2013

29 Aug 2013

The Scottish Food & Drink Fortnight 2013 runs from Sat 7–Sun 22 Sep around the country, and features a vibrant programme of events from farmers markets and cooking demonstrations to foraging sessions and butchery classes. One of the highlights this…