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Animal-loving pubs and cafes in Glasgow and Edinburgh

13 Feb 2015

Read our Tiplist to discover the best animal-friendly places to eat and drink

The opening of Edinburgh’s first cat café is a reminder that when we go out to eat and drink we don’t just eat animals but can also get convivial with them. Here’s our Tiplist of suggested venues for dog (or cat) friendliness and other animal magic

Restaurant review: Spit/Fire

13 Feb 2015

The Hanging Bat’s new sister venue aims to heat up Edinburgh's meat and beer scene

This two-storey venture in the former New Town Bar, just downhill from the Portrait Gallery, comes from the talented crew who brought deliciously dirty hot dogs and tasty schooners of local brew to Lothian Road’s Hanging Bat. If that venue proved a…

Fifty Shades of Bricks

6 Feb 2015

Animators recreate the Fifty Shades of Grey trailer in Lego form

If you have a working internet connection, then there’s a fairly strong chance that you will have come across the official Fifty Shades of Grey trailer. Evidently, animators Antonio and Andrea Toscano did, as the pair have recreated it in Lego.

Miley Cyrus writing about Patrick's parents

24 Jan 2015

Music gossip

Miley Cyrus is writing songs about Maria Shriver and Arnold Schwarzenegger. The 22-year-old singer, who is dating the former couple's son Patrick Schwarzenegger, is reportedly planning to vent about her issues with them on her next album following…

Celebrate the Bard with a Burns Supper

7 Jan 2015

Make sure you mark the Bard’s birthday with food, drink and a bit of banter

It’s that time of year where Scots and honorary Scots all over the world raise a glass in tribute to our national poet. Perhaps our nation’s most famous figure, Robert Burns penned some of Scotland’s most evocative poetry and prose, with 'Auld Lang…

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New Year's Resolutions: do more sport

30 Dec 2014

Time to get physical with everything from parkour to pole-dancing

New Year’s resolutions come and go, but it helps to keep things interesting if you’ve decided to try your hand at staying fit by doing something out of the ordinary. For those who caught Commonwealth Games fever in the summer and are waiting for…

New Year's Resolutions: take more classes

30 Dec 2014

From drawing to dancing, and singing to stitching, build your skills

In the spirit of trying something new for 2015, we thought we’d point out a number of classes and events which go on all year round in the Central Belt and which allow participants to get actively involved. So what do you want to do? Art’s a good one…

Restaurant review: The Percy (closed)

24 Dec 2014

Joseph Malik cooks up a hearty storm in the Leithier suburbs

Having built a very well-deserved reputation as head chef at Leith-and-thereabouts bar establishments Joseph Pearce, Lioness of Leith and the Safari Lounge, Joseph Malik has gone it alone with his own place in the former trattoria in the side room of…

Restaurant review: The Scullery

24 Dec 2014

A bright and buzzing atmosphere offers food designed for casual dining

Finnieston’s latest opener is every bit as hip-looking as the numerous newish spots up and down the road, with an attractive, crisp and modern interior with big windows and period detailings, all done up in wood and brick. Time-served Ubiquitous Chip…

The Hot 100 2014: The Gin Crowd

11 Dec 2014

Mother’s ruin has come a long way and here we round up some of our favourite gins, both old and new

Hendrick’s producer William Grant & Sons not only showed the way for the country’s gin renaissance but demonstrated to the world that, beyond the legally required juniper, gin was a blank canvas for creative concocting. Their addition of crisp cucumber…

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Five Christmas Markets To Visit

5 Dec 2014

Five Christmas markets in Glasgow and Edinburgh selling unique gifts, festive fayre and Glühwein

European Christmas Market Whether it's authentically German or not, Edinburgh's biggest Christmas market certainly takes its cues from similar events across Europe. For your fill of festive wooden toys, meaty sausages and Glühwein, there's nowhere…

Where to buy real Christmas trees in and around Glasgow

20 Nov 2014

Including locations, prices, delivery options and a guide to tree types

The festive season is nearly upon us and living in Glasgow doesn’t mean you can’t find a locally sourced real Christmas tree to decorate your home. As well as centres that let you hand pick trees, many now offer an online ordering system and home…

Where to buy real Christmas trees in and around Edinburgh

19 Nov 2014

Including locations, prices, delivery options and a guide to tree types

A real Christmas tree looks (and smells) prettier than its artificial counterpart, and this festive period there are plenty of locally grown trees to be sourced in and around the city. Plus, last year Edinburgh City Council made special arrangements for…

Recipe: Biscotti biscuits

14 Nov 2014

Jameel Lombard, head chef at Glasgow's The Art School, explains how to make the Italian biscuit

Ingredients: 300g plain flour 270g caster sugar 3⁄4 teaspoon of baking powder 2 whole eggs 2 egg yolks 1 vanilla pod (1/2 teaspoon of essence) Zest of 1⁄2 orange and zest of 1⁄4 lemon 1 teaspoon of cinnamon powder 135g whole almonds (makes…

Recipe: Chocolate Espresso

14 Nov 2014

Head chocolatier at Edward & Irwyn Edda Holt explains how to make an indulgent winter drink

For the hot chocolate: 450ml whole milk 15g (about 2 tbsp) of the best cocoa powder you can lay your hands on (we recommend Valrhona) 40g of dark chocolate (about 60% cocoa solids) A pinch of sea salt Muscovado sugar (optional) Rum…

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Recipe: Frijoles Negros Refritos (Refried Black Beans)

14 Nov 2014

The Squid and Whale chef Colin Campbell explains how to make this classic Mexican snack

Ingredients: 400g dried black beans 2 cloves chopped garlic ¼ diced white onion Tablespoon of rapeseed oil 50g Trex vegetable fat Paprika, ground coriander, ground cumin, cracked black pepper, salt - a teaspoon of each Warming, hearty and…

Recipe: Jerusalem artichoke soup with pumpkin seeds

14 Nov 2014

Jameel Lombard, head chef at The Art School, Glasgow explains how to make this warm winter soup

Ingredients: 125g butter plus an extra knob for serving 1kg Jerusalem artichoke (peeled and sliced) 4 cloves of garlic, crushed 1 large white onion 1 pint vegetable stock (chicken stock can also be used) Toasted pumpkin seeds Salt and white…

Restaurant review: Marco Pierre White Steakhouse Bar & Grill

13 Nov 2014

Emphasis on local quality food sourcing and friendly staff set venue apart

It’s 15 years since he left the kitchen, but Marco Pierre White is still a culinary name that gets a reaction. Now the great man (via one of his franchise businesses) has put his name to the Indigo Hotel’s restaurant. Photos of MPW (brooding, reclining…

Restaurant review: The Old Bakehouse Restaurant

13 Nov 2014

Tony Singh's latest venture in Pentland foothills offers mixed bag of Scottish Indian fusion food

Can it be true? Tony Singh, the man behind such Edinburgh institutions as Roti, Olorosso and Tony’s Table, has left the capital and upped sticks to the Old Bakehouse in West Linton. The team insist that it’s nothing more than an attempt to swap the high…

Top chefs on their favourite St Andrew’s Day food

13 Nov 2014

Featuring Victoria Henderson, Calum Richardson, Mike Small, Joe Malik and Ruaraidh Skinner

Victoria Henderson – Head chef, Mono, Glasgow Vegan haggis, neeps and tatties For vegan haggis you really are unlimited as to what vegetables you put in. Mushrooms are good as they give it a nice depth and texture, with pulses, oats, onions and…

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Christmas 2014: The best whisky and wine tasting events

12 Nov 2014

Including Glasgow Whisky Festival, Summerhall Beer FestivALE and Italian Wine Series

There’s something about long winter nights which lends itself to not just having a drink (responsibly of course: it’s probably a law somewhere that we make it clear), but also to savouring that drink. Or maybe that’s just because we imagine the taste of…

Opinion: the first post-independence referendum St Andrew's Day

11 Nov 2014

'66% of Scots now apparently would vote Yes if another referendum happened tomorrow'

Life is inherently filled with awkward moments full of cringe-inducing regret. No more so than when you have to come face to face with those you have upset. In that vein, Sunday 30 November 2014 marks the first St Andrew’s Day since us Scots decided we…

Christmas 2014: Top five Scottish craft markets

7 Nov 2014

Including Scotland Re:Designed, FaD Festive Shop & Designer Market and the 3D/ 2D Fair

Scotland Re:Designed A department store, but not as you know it. Local designers get a chance to emerge from their studios for this four-month pop-up shop in Ocean Terminal. Pick up items from ERIBÉ Knitwear, Iona Crawford and Kirsteen Stewart.

Five Reasons to go to Previously … Scotland's History Festival

6 Nov 2014

Enjoy gin, Frankie Boyle, flyting, historical food and the supernatural at this diverse festival

Think of the gin Edinburgh Gin Distillery will let you search through their finest wares while learning about the history of Mother's Ruin. No celebration is complete without a drink or three, not even a historical festival. Bonus: an afternoon at the…

How Did You Get That Job? Rae Baker, Entertainment & Events Manager

4 Nov 2014

The Edinburgh University Students Association entertainment and events manager explains her job

Name: Rae Baker Job title: Entertainment & Events Manager Company: Edinburgh University Students Association (EUSA) When did you start your job? September 2008 So what does your job actually involve? I lead a department within EUSA that…