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Liam Cunningham joins bank heist thriller Way Down

16 Apr 2019

Film gossip

Liam Cunningham has joined the cast of 'Way Down'. The 57-year-old actor – who plays Sir Davos Seaworth in the hit HBO series 'Game of Thrones' – will star in the upcoming bank heist thriller, which will be helmed by Jaume Balagueró. According to…

The Childhood of a Leader

15 Aug 20163 stars

Beautifully shot if narratively underwhelming look at the early years of a fascist leader

There was a lot of heated discussion at at last year's Venice Film Festival about this ambitious directorial debut from actor turned filmmaker Brady Corbet (who co-wrote with his partner Mona Fastvold), a dread-laden fable of a spoilt brat who grows up…

Let Us Prey

27 Jun 20143 stars

Liam Cunningham and Pollyanna McIntosh star in Brian O'Malley's intriguing horror debut

Game of Thrones seems to employ nearly every available actor in the UK so it’s hard to avoid cast members when it comes to British films. This Scottish production features Liam Cunningham as a mysterious stranger who insinuates himself into a local…

The Guard

21 Jun 20112 stars

Regrettable, cliché-ridden tale is entirely forgettable

Don’t you just love the Irish? They’re cultured, funny, nihilistic and big-hearted. They can be naughty, but they love their mammies and they are always up for the craic. OK let’s not beat about the Gaelic bush here, The Guard, written directed by John…


30 Oct 2008

Protest picture

'Were you out last night my friend?' 'Is it that obvious?' I say pulling down a wrinkled lower eyelid to expose an eye as bloodshot as those of the two men opposite me. They are hot young actor Michael Fassbender - all fair brown hair, blue eyes, slight…