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Stevie Nicks, Radiohead and Kraftwerk nominated for Rock and Roll Hall of Fame

9 Oct 2018

Music gossip

Stevie Nicks, Def Leppard and Roxy Music have been nominated for entry into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2019. The trio are all first time nominees into the Hall of Fame and are joined by other first timers John Prine, Devo and Todd…

Kraftwerk announce 3D UK tour

26 Sep 2016

Electronic pioneers heading to UK for first full tour in 13 years

Iconic electronic outfit Kraftwerk have announced an 11-date UK tour, which will see the quartet take their 3D Concerts all over the country in June 2017. Though there haven't been any new Kraftwerk releases since Tour De France Soundtracks in 2003…

David Stubbs - Future Days: Krautrock and the Building of Modern Germany

27 Aug 20144 stars

A thorough critical and cultural history of the genre of Kraftwerk, Can, Neu!, Faust and more

'The European canon is here' declared David Bowie on 1976's Station to Station, signalling his allegiance to the new German music, crassly but enduringly dubbed krautrock by the 1970s British music press. Four decades on, krautrock is enshrined in the…

Top 5 gigs of 2013, including Shangaan Electro, Kraftwerk and Arcade Fire as The Reflektors

18 Dec 2013

Golden Teacher & Glasgow's Tectonics Festival also make our list of the best live shows of the year

Shangaan Electro SWG3, Glasgow, Wed 17 Jul 'How many BPMs? One. Eight. Nine!' An afternoon dance workshop preceeded this night of joyous hyperspeed South African electro, with excellent outfits and jaw-dropping feats of dancing. Read the full…

Gallery & review: T in the Park – Balado, near Kinross, Fri 12–Sun 14 Jul 2013

19 Jul 20134 stars

Twentieth TITP features Mumford and his sons, Kraftwerk, Chvrches, Snoop and some blazing heat

Twenty years in, even the sunny weather had been booked for this celebration edition of T in the Park. The site basked in a good feeling under the hot sun, and across the weekend the more anthemic artists went down well in front of big crowds. In…

Kraftwerk to headline Latitude

20 Mar 2013

Music gossip

Kraftwerk will headline this year's Latitude festival. The German electro pioneers will take to the Obelisk Main Stage in Henham Park, Southwold, Suffolk, on the second night of the event, July 20, bringing a 3D show described as "the best of what we…

Deep Purple, N.W.A and Procol Harum nominated for Rock and Roll Hall of Fame 2013

4 Oct 2012

Music Gossip

Deep Purple, N.W.A and Procol Harum are nominated for induction to the Rock 'n' Roll Hall of Fame. The acts - along with 12 others - have been shortlisted for inclusion in the Hall of Fame, located in Cleveland, US, in 2013. Nominees chosen for…

Clubbers' Decktionary: Cold Wave

25 Jun 2012

Trouble's DJ Hobbes gives us a guide to the myriad genres of clubbing

Dictionary. Cold Wave, proper noun: various aliases and various tempos. Created using analogue synths, sequencers and drum machines and released via largely unpromoted recordings on cassette and, occasionally, vinyl. Musically located somewhere…

The Prodigy voted best dance act of all time

20 Jan 2012

Music Gossip

The Prodigy have been voted the best dance act of all time. The 'Firestarter' group beat Daft Punk to claim the top spot in the poll, by dance music publication Mixmag, although they only won by a "handful of votes". Singer Keith Flint said: "To…

Clubbers' Decktionary: Krautrock

3 Aug 2011

An introduction to Krautrock

Proper noun: eclectic style, originally German, mostly instrumental and usually combining a traditional rock band line-up (guitars, bass, drums) with electronic instruments; often characterised by a four-four time signature and stripped-back productions…

Crate Digging: DJ Ian Pooley takes us through tracks at the front of his record box

15 Mar 2011

Crate digging: Kraftwerk, Sven VT, Feygin and Martinez Brothers

‘My mum played everything from classical to electronic music. I remember listening to the Krafwerk Autobahn (Capitol) album which she had on vinyl. I was really into it. I was really into instrumental music and the synthesiser sound really intrigued me.

Die Roten Punkte

10 Aug 20094 stars

Otto and Astrid aim to rock your world

Over the past few years, the piano-playing Tim Minchin has captured hearts at the Edinburgh Fringe while Kiwi double-act Flight of the Conchords also began their rise to super-stardom on the city’s hallowed streets. Die Roten Punkte – a pseudo-German…

Paragon Ensemble – The Spirits of Sounds at the Teenage Fair

23 Jul 2009

CCA, Glasgow, Wed 29 Jul

The title comes from the Dusseldorf group of which Wolfgang Flür was drummer prior to joining the German band that pioneered popular electronic music, Kraftwerk, in the early 70s. Still very much active in electronic music, Flür would surely be…

Zed-U debut album - Night Time on the Middle Passage

23 Jul 20093 stars

Zed-U are a London-based trio made up of saxophonist and clarinetist Shabaka Hutchings, bassist Neil Charles and drummer Tom Skinner. Their debut album has the feel of a work-in-progress, but an intermittently intriguing one. There are a couple of…

Claude Von Stroke

14 May 2009

Like many teenagers in Detroit during the 1980s, Barclay Crenshaw (aka Claude Von Stroke) grew up listening to The Electrifying Mojo’s seminal Midnight Funk Association radio broadcasts, which exposed a generation of young producers to the music of…

Sound Advice - My Top 5

1 Mar 2009

1 Kraftwerk - Ruckzuck This is a fantastic driving song and quite possibly my favourite song to utilize the flute, which always gets you extra points with me. It also has some great motorik drumming (a repetitive beat specific to Krautrock music).

Musicians' guide: How to make it in the music industry

27 Nov 2008

Want to make it in music? Fancy yourself as The Next Big Thing? Claire Sawers and Malcolm Jack track down nine very different people currently working in the industry and quiz them on just what they do and how they do it In addition, for detailed…

Circuit training

30 Oct 2008

‘Tangerine Dream,’ Kraftwerk’s Ralf Hutter said to Lester Bangs in a 1975 interview, ‘although they are German they have an English name, so they create onstage an Anglo-American identity, which we completely deny. We cannot deny we are from Germany…

High Tech Soul

24 Apr 20084 stars

DOCUMENTARY (E) 64 min Subtitled the ‘Creation of Techno Music’ this documentary sets out to detail just that very subject, going back to the roots of the Detroit scene, the birthplace of techno as we know it today. The film aims to position the…