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Knock, Knock

22 Jun 20152 stars

Eli Roth's latest is a home invasion thriller with a twist, featuring Keanu Reeves

Following on from his triumphant turn as an assassin in John Wick, Eli Roth’s home invasion thriller brings Keanu Reeves back to earth in unceremonious fashion. A reworking of Peter S Traynor's 1977 exploitation thriller Death Game, Knock Knock…

Laurel Halo, Gatekeeper and Konx-Om-Pax - Knock Knock!

27 May 20114 stars

Glasgow weekly clubnight assembles great bill of synth nostalgists

Among the current crop of hybrid synth nostalgists, the Dionysian headrush of rave is as much of an influence as obscure kosmische musik or brittle Nintendo bleeps, as exemplified at tonight’s weekly clubnight Knock Knock! by Michigan-born artist Laurel…

Knock Knock livens up Glasgow's midweek

28 Jan 2011

New cutting-edge club night plans weekly live acts and plays 'whatever the hell works'

Residents ‘We don’t have any,’ says co-promoter Grainne Braithwaite. ‘We’re just going to ask DJs from Scotland who we like, or people who might not DJ but who we know have good taste in music.’ Lined up for some of the first few dates are Mogwai…