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TV review: The Witness for the Prosecution, BBC One

20 Dec 20164 stars

An addictive and lavish adaptation of Agatha Christie's short story and play

Long gone are the days of Agatha Christie screen adaptations coming chockful of winsome characters, dodgy stereotypes and curious sleuths. After last festive-time's And Then There Were None (which at times looked to be going for the Game of Thrones…

A Royal Night Out

11 May 20154 stars

Entertaining dramedy from Julian Jarrold, inspired by a true story

A charming blend of whimsy and romance, Julian Jarrold's new film is a beauty. It's an affectionate depiction of the royal family that resists swaying into parody, while the seed of the story is based on a real event. On VE Day 1945 the teenage…

The Boy George story adapted for TV as Worried About the Boy

14 May 2010

Channel Hopper

There’s something of a 1980s vibe in the air right now with TV shows such as Ashes to Ashes, pop stars like La Roux and posh Tories popping champagne corks. Tapping into this hideous atmosphere is Worried About the Boy (BBC2, Sun 16 May, 9pm), a one-off…

Brideshead Revisited

2 Oct 20083 stars

DRAMA Julian Jarrold’s revamp of Evelyn Waugh’s classic novel pares back the opulent trimmings of the television series to expose the bare bones of Waugh’s lament for the civilised past. Charting blithe social-climber Charles Ryder (Matthew…