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Peter Ross on his new book Daunderlust ahead of 2014 Edinburgh International Book Festival

17 Aug 2014

Scottish journalist talks about his storytelling style and hidden spots in Scotland

Five words to describe your storytelling style. Rather than high-five myself, I'll quote the reviews of my book: ‘Funny’; ‘Beautiful’; ‘Full of heart’. None of those were written by my mum, the landlord of my local, or anyone else who has cause to be…

Gallery: World Press Photo exhibition 2013 visits Edinburgh Festival

18 Jul 2013

Free exhibition of some of this years most important photographs

Founded in 1955, the annual World Press Photo contest has showcased some of the most striking, shocking and memorable pictures in photographic history. But as visitors will discover when the exhibition of winning entries returns to Edinburgh, the…

Wigtown Book Festival: Fergal Keane

10 Oct 2011

Journalist and war correspondent on subjectivity, Ireland and Rwanda

Fergal Keane has just written Road of Bones: The Siege of Kohima, about a little remembered battle which halted the Japanese in their progress towards invading India in 1944. But he did not talk about this book, although he talked of many things…

Five things you can do once you are 25

23 Sep 2010

25 years of The List

The final few age-limited hurdles surmounted. Have a drink in Delhi, hire a car abroad, volunteer for the UN, join the Pony Club or join the Indian Merchant Navy. Live life large!

The List celebrates 25 years in the business by interviewing itself

23 Sep 2010

First word: The List

First record you ever bought 'Dancing in the Street' by David Bowie and Mick Jagger. Number One from 7 Sept–5 Oct 1985. First film you saw that really moved you Schindler's List … and latterly The Bucket List. First movie you ever went on a…

Looking back on 25 years of commentary on Scottish culture

23 Sep 2010

25 years of The List

A lot has happened in 25 years of Scottish culture. Niki Boyle gives a blow-by-blow account of the major events

Claire Sawers wins 2010 Allen Wright Award

10 Sep 2010

List assistant editor wins Festival arts journalism award

It's celebration time at List Towers this fortnight following news that assistant editor Claire Sawers has won this year's coveted Allen Wright Award for festival writing. The Awards were set up in 1998 to honour the contribution of the former Scotsman…

The List magazine celebrates 25th anniversary

8 Sep 2010

Scottish publisher marks quarter century of cultural commentary - 1985-2010

Next month, The List is celebrating its 25th birthday with a special issue looking back at the two and a half decades of commentary on Scottish culture. We are also looking for your contributions to the issue.

Gary Younge visits the Edinburgh Book Festival

6 Aug 2010

Exploring issues of identity across this mad world

Returning to Edinburgh holds bittersweet memories for Gary Younge. He was in the city as a student in the late 80s, studying Russian and French at Heriot-Watt and was awestruck by the geography of his new surroundings. ‘Having grown up in Stevenage…

Nothing But The Truth - Anna Politkovskaya

1 Feb 2010

In a world where the worst atrocities some journalists might face are their copy being ravaged by unscrupulous subeditors and unreasonable deadlines being imposed by cold-hearted commissioning editors, the fate of our kin abroad make such concerns seem…

Jane Bussmann - The Worst Date Ever

25 Jun 2009

‘You know you’ve arrived when Britney Spears snubs you and Nicole Richie congratulates you.’ Journalist and comedy writer Jane Bussmann is smiling as she peruses the LA stomping ground, which so mercilessly provides fodder for her memoir, The Worst Date…

Norah Vincent - Voluntary Madness

22 Jan 20093 stars

IMMERSION JOURNALISM ‘Immersion journalist’ Norah Vincent’s experience living undercover as a bloke for 18 months yielded a best-seller, Self-Made Man, but also triggered her depressive collapse and a frightening spell in a mental ward. She vowed to…

Kate Adie

19 Jul 2007

Kate Adie talks to Allan Radcliffe about her career in the frontline of news journalism and her refusal to let sentiment undermine the pursuit of facts