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Only You

22 Feb 20194 stars

GFF 2019: Laia Costa and Josh O'Connor are superb in a devastating relationship drama

Raw and, for some, devastatingly relatable, Only You is an in-depth look at a lesser-seen consequence of falling in love, as it focuses on the agony of infertility. It's the assured directorial debut of Harry Wootliff, a BAFTA nominee for his 2004 short…

Josh O'Connor: 'I pinch myself every now and then'

14 Feb 2019

Rising star talks about his lead role in romantic drama Only You, screening at Glasgow Film Festival

Every actor needs a defining role early in their career. For Josh O'Connor, it was playing the taciturn farm hand Johnny Saxby in Francis Lee's 2017 award-winner God's Own Country. Since then, his career has exploded, from being nominated for a BAFTA…

Josh O'Connor nearly said no to Meryl Streep film for Glastonbury Festival

15 Mar 2018

Film gossip

Josh O'Connor almost turned down starring alongside Meryl Streep because he wanted to go to Glastonbury Festival. The 27-year-old actor starred alongside the multi-Academy Award winning actress in the 2016 drama-comedy 'Florence Foster Jenkins', but…

Josh O'Connor stopped filming to deliver a lamb

10 Feb 2018

Film gossip

Josh O'Connor had to stop filming 'God's Own Country' to deliver a lamb. The 27-year-old actor spent several weeks working on a farm as research for his role as farmer Johnny and immersed himself in the experience as much as he could. He told heat…

Josh O'Connor was gripped by God's Own Country script

29 Aug 2017

Film gossip

Josh O'Connor was "gripped" by the script of 'God's Own Country'. 'The Durrells' actor is starring as Johnny in the debut feature by writer and director Francis Lee and O'Connor has admitted the filmmaker didn't have to pitch the film for him as he…

God's Own Country

21 Jun 20174 stars

Beautifully judged rural / romantic drama from debut director Francis Lee

Domestic discord gives way to a transformative romance on a struggling Yorkshire farm in the assured debut of director Francis Lee. God's Own Country is a film that reaches beyond its modest setting and low-key love affair to make a potent plea for…

Hide and Seek

20 Jun 20142 stars

British drama exploring sexual behaviour is more akin to an art installation than a narrative film

Hide and Seek is a curiously misleading title for this single-location British drama. It implies investigation, and suggests a hunt for answers; a desire to get beneath the surface of things. But while the film’s simple and intriguing premise is ripe…