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Only the Brave

6 Nov 20173 stars

Joseph Kosinski takes the helm of a gripping, albeit simplistic firefighting drama, based on real events

Based on a true story, Joseph Kosinski's action-adventure about an elite group of firefighters in Arizona who battled the Yarnell Hill Fire of 2013 is one of those films that impacts upon you much more the less you know. As heroic as these twenty men…

Joseph Kosinski to direct Top Gun 2?

25 May 2017

Film gossip

Joseph Kosinski is being tipped to direct the 'Top Gun' sequel. The 43-year-old director is believed to be the frontrunner in talks to helm the sequel to the iconic 80s movie starring Tom Cruise and Val Kilmer, after having previously worked with…

Joseph Kosinski says Tron 3 script is nearly complete

2 Mar 2017

Film gossip

Joseph Kosinski has revealed the script for 'Tron: Ascension' is near completion. The 42-year-old director 2010's 'Tron: Legacy' - the sequel to 1982 movie 'Tron', about characters trapped inside a computer programme - says the story for the movie is…

Tom Cruise and Joseph Kosinski in talks for 'Go Like Hell'

24 Oct 2013

Film gossip

Tom Cruise is reuniting with director Joseph Kosinski for 'Go Like Hell.' The 51-year-old star worked with the director in this year's sci-fi hit 'Oblivion' and the pair are currently in talks with Fox studios for a new film which is based on A.J.

Joseph Kosinski to direct Twilight Zone

19 Aug 2013

Film gossip

Joseph Kosinski is set to direct a remake of 'The Twilight Zone'. The 'Oblivion' director is in negotiations to helm the big screen sci-fi movie - which is based on a 1950s TV show and a 1983 film - for Warner Bros., according to The Wrap. The…


10 Apr 20133 stars

Tom Cruise's latest sci-fi outing is visually splendid but features overfamiliar plotting

His first sci-fi since Steven Spielberg’s War of the Worlds, there is a queasy sense of familiarity with Tom Cruise’s new film, Oblivion. It hardly helps that his character, a cocky blue-collar repairman, is named Jack Harper – which sounds uncannily…

Joseph Kosinski: Tron 3 will have 'broader appeal'

3 Apr 2013

Film gossip

Joseph Kosinski has promised 'Tron 3' will have a "broader appeal". The director has revealed he is weeks away from getting the drafted script for the movie, which will see actor Garrett Hedlund reprise his role of Sam Flynn, and Joseph is "excited…

Tron Legacy

10 Dec 20102 stars

State-of-the-art, but with dialogue that only a motherboard could love

(PG) 125min ‘The game has changed,’ announces the poster for Disney’s blockbuster offering for 2010, but despite 3D and innumerable upgrades, Tron-Legacy remains a very similar proposition to 1982’s super-culty box-office flop. With dialogue that…