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Reign of Assassins

11 Feb 20133 stars

Deft martial art flick starring Michelle Yeoh and produced by John Woo

The worldwide sensation of Ang Lee’s Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon seemed to promise that the martial arts styling of the ‘wuxia’ would spawn an internationally popular sub-genre. But after an initial flurry including House of Flying Daggers and Hero…

Interview: Gareth Evans brings The Raid to GFF 2012

17 Feb 2012

The Welshman on directing his high-tension Indonesian action movie

Gareth Evans is apologetic: ‘Sorry for beating your guys in the rugby at the weekend,’ he says in an unmistakeable Welsh accent down the line from his home in Indonesia. No apology necessary. While we may have to endure the indignity of the Scottish…

Red Cliff

11 Jun 20093 stars

Asian action auteur-turned-Hollywood hired hand John Woo hasn’t directed a film since 2003 thriller Paycheck. And Woo hasn’t been home to China to make a movie since 1992. Back behind the camera, Woo’s first Chinese film in almost 20 years is a…