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John Pendal: We Are Family

5 Aug 20183 stars

Universal tale of uncovering a family's excitingly dirty laundry

Tapping into our current obsession with family trees, John Pendal's second solo Fringe show looks at his own lineage having finally found something to talk about with his ordinarily monosyllabic father. The comic's preoccupation is that he's the last of…

John Pendal: How to Escape from Stuff

6 Aug 20173 stars

How to break free from a cuffed past

After a strict Baptist upbringing, shy Watford boy John Pendal won the International Mr Leather contest in Chicago, then toured the world, having adventures in assless chaps and rubber cop uniforms as an ambassador for fetishwear. That was a pretty…

John Pendal: International Man of Leather

11 Aug 20163 stars

Self-deprecation and high confidence make for an engaging story about transgression

It's certainly an intriguing premise for a show. A 'shy Baptist boy' from Watford with 'the most conservative upbringing ever' goes for a drink with a man, starts a relationship and finds liberation in the world of leather (not the sofa business). Not…

Losing their religion

2 Aug 2016

There's a swarm of Fringe comedy shows this August with stand-ups reflecting on their heavily religious teenage years. We hear about their conflicted views and what made them leave the faith

A black Christian, a gay Baptist and a radical evangelist all walk into a bar. Well, they had to, they were booked to do a stand-up gig in there. They're not the only ones either: this year's Fringe programme reveals a clutch of comedians whose shows…