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John Gordillo

25 Aug 20092 stars

Application of economic principles to heterosexual relationships

Ostensibly an application of economic principles to heterosexual relationships, Gordillo uses the concept to frame some adroit domestic whining in the first half. The second is a complex exploration of pornography's depiction of women. Running 20…

Edinburgh Festival comedy highlights for a fiver

15 Jul 2009

Ooh, a Fringe in a credit crunch. It’ll be interesting times for all this year, but if you get in quick you can catch some of the best acts in exchange for a mere fiver. We’ve selected fifty of the finest shows you can see for the price of a…

John Gordillo

14 Aug 20083 stars

There are some gems in Gordillo's routine, which showcases him as a quick-witted and eloquent performer with a few killer lines up his sleeve. Universal matters like free-range chickens and the lunacy of circuses ring true for everyone; his father's…

Profile - John Gordillo

3 Jul 2008

Name: John Gordillo Who’s this fella, then? You may have seen the name ‘John Gordillo’ somewhere in your house, but perhaps you just can’t quite place it. No, it’s not the name of a brand new kitchen product (the ‘Gordillo grill’ does have a certain…

John Gordillo

16 Aug 20072 stars

Acclaimed comedy writer/producer John Gordillo is not happy. Not happy with his ‘fraught relationship’, with his permanently ill girlfriend, or the London tube system, or bagpipers let loose in Edinburgh. But most of all, he’s not happy doing a free…