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Jeffrey Lewis & The Junkyard - The Third Door, Edinburgh, Wed 26 Oct 2011

15 Nov 20114 stars

Near two-hour set pulls disparate parts into satisfying whole

For this, one of the first gigs at the refreshed and renamed Third Door venue (formerly Medina, and now boasting a beefier new sound system), big personalities and hearts on sleeves are very much the order of the day. Opener Viking Moses is one Brendon…

Jeffrey Lewis - A Turn in the Dream-Songs

14 Sep 20114 stars

Lots to adore on sixth Rough Trade album of wry, nerdy, verbose tunes

(Rough Trade) ‘A cult boyfriend is like a record in a bargain bin,’ rambles Jeffrey Lewis, paralleling his calibre as a date with his music; both acquired tastes, ‘no one knows its worth ’til a collector comes in.’ While we can’t advocate going…


15 Apr 20104 stars

Various venues, Glasgow, Sat 3 Apr

Perhaps the life of music festivals should be measured in dog years, in which case this one-ticket, multi-venue affair, returning for a second year albeit reduced to one day long, makes it a rowdy teenager. Over six busy venues – seven if you count both…

Greco-Roman Soundsystem set for Hinterland 2010

23 Mar 2010

Returning for its second annual installment, the Glasgow-based single ticket festival Hinterland has wisely scaled operations down a little this year. Focused around the Arches, the Sub Club and smaller venues like MacSorley’s and the Admiral, the…

Exposure: Jeffrey Lewis

22 Apr 2009

Jeffrey Lewis is not your average 'singer-songwriter'. Though he may, to an extent, echo the sentiments and sounds of some folk artists and influences, he also channels an eccentric talent in both storytelling and oddball comic book art, and appears to…

Trade secrets

27 Nov 2008

Five months before Margaret Thatcher’s landslide 1979 victory, and with Britain’s city streets still retaining the air of a depressed bombsite, highbrow arts programme The South Bank Show appeared to have been hi-jacked by a cell of musical terrorists.

The best new bands to check out

4 Oct 2007

Akron/Family Signed to Michael Gira’s Young God Records in the US – one-time home of such fellow avant-folk weirdos as Devendra Banhart – New York quartet Akron/Family are probably strange enough to even freak out their own stable mates, prone as they…