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Phenotype Genotype (phg)

17 Aug 20124 stars

Treasure trove of avant garde works

There is no more perfect show to illustrate where Summerhall has come from than this vast display of avant-garde detritus culled from the even vaster archive of the Edinburgh-based Heart Fine Art set-up. From John and Yoko to Gilbert and George to Jake…

Cheer Up! It’s Not the End of the World

6 Aug 20123 stars

Apocalypse images and tormented childhood dreams from Gordon Cheung, Damien Hirst and more

It’s coming. The end of the world, that is. Or at least that’s the case according to those who subscribe to the ancient Mayan theories of disaster-movie-style apocalypse, who reckon it will all be over by Christmas. As the title of this group show…