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Jack Rooke: Happy Hour

25 Aug 20174 stars

Touching and funny hour explores suicide and friendship

Following on from Good Grief, Jack Rooke tackles another difficult problem in Happy Hour – male suicide. As an ambassador for mental health charity CALM, and a recovering performance poet, Rooke's confident delivery, wry humour and compassion takes…

Death becomes them: Fringe shows tackling mortality

19 Aug 2015

Can you come to terms with the loss of a loved one by watching Fringe shows about death?

No clichés. That’s the difficulty in talking about death. Platitudes suit the giver rather than the receiver: what use does ‘I’m sorry for your loss’ do when your world has done that monumental axis shift? That’s not to say we shouldn’t use well-meaning…

Jack Rooke: Good Grief

19 Aug 20153 stars

Teenage angst all through the night

Jack Rooke has a bubbly, winning personality. He has a quick wit, addresses the audience well, and a decade ago might have become a stand-up comedian. Perhaps realising that this would lead to success, alcohol abuse and bitterness, he has opted for a…