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Tim Key interview: the poet discusses Edinburgh, Alan Partridge and 'sexy baths'

21 Sep 2011

Comedy Award winner brings his Masterslut show to the 2011 Fringe

The List has just presented Tim Key with two pages of facts about himself. ‘This is a very good piece of research,’ he says, commending the 16-year-old work experience person who compiled them. ‘I didn’t get to do anything like this on work experience.

Review - T in the Park 2011

8 Aug 2011

All the rain, mud and rock action from Scotland's biggest music festival

Saturday Ke$ha proves trashy entertainment with a set that refuses to take itself seriously. A party up glam stomp though a series of electro pop hits that while low on art is high on glitter and cheap thrills (and inexplicably includes a six-foot…

The Edinburgh Festival comedy shows incorporating High Art

29 Jul 2011

Hannah Gadsby, The Horne Section, New Art Club and Vikki Stone

Sean Lock once likened media coverage of comedians to that of strippers, none too respectful of something that involved divesting so much. Despite comedy’s current boom, scrutiny still tends to focus on comics’ television careers or transgressions…

Interview - Heath McIvor and Randy

29 Jul 2011

The purple-faced puppet is clean, sober and ready to entertain

What were the circumstances behind your first alcoholic drink? After 32 hours in labour I was exhausted and absolutely furious about being wrenched from my sac of amniotic fluid. Only a scotch would do. Name a famous puppet that could drink you…

Steven Berkoff interview - Oedipus set for Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2011

29 Jul 2011

Anita Dobson stars as Jocasta in Steven Berkoff's Sophocles adaptation

Actor. Playwright. Director. Fringe darling. Big-screen bad guy. Steven Berkoff is all these things and more, a singular talent who has ploughed his own furrow. But for all his unique qualities, the 73-year-old says he is every bit the company man. This…

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Agnes and Walter (A Little Love Story)

29 Jul 2011

A Walter Mitty-inspired dance performance that reclaims the power of daydreams

Poor old Walter Mitty. Since James Thurber published the Secret Life in the 1930s, his name has become synonymous with deranged fantasising. However, a newly-established dance company has decided to rescue him from the sniggers of history. ‘Something…

Circolombia bring Urban show to Edinburgh Festival

29 Jul 2011

South American acrobats and anecdotes

Their lives may have started in adversity, but when the performers of Circolombia step on stage at this year’s Fringe, it’s as fully fledged professionals. All the members of the troupe grew up on the streets of Cali in Colombia, facing a daily round of…

Federer Vs Murray

29 Jul 2011

Gerda Stevenson’s play about conflict gets timely revival at 2011 Edinburgh Fringe

‘You don’t often get a chance to do something over again in theatre,’ says Gerda Stevenson, ‘to go back, once you know the text and feel comfortable with it. It’s a great opportunity.’ Stevenson’s play Federer versus Murray originally ran for a week…

Fringe 2011 comedy: 5 musical comedians

29 Jul 2011

Isy Suttie, Steve Pretty, ATF?, Pistol & Jack and Gareth Richards

Isy Suttie. Dobby (from Peep Show not Harry Potter, silly) brings us Pearl and Dave, another heartwarming multi-character tale. With his Perfect Mixtape, Pretty recalls the tunes played at his own wake in 2005 (there’s a story there) and wonders what…

Fringe 2011 comedy: 5 shows about parents

29 Jul 2011

Scott Capurro, Tom Rosenthal, Catie Wilkins and Des Bishop

Scott Capurro. In 2009, the San Francisco comic wrote movingly and warmly about the death of his mother, Donna. Now he’s turned his pain into Who are the Jocks? a show about his ‘best friend and coke dealer’. Pleasance Dome, 556 6550, 6–29 Aug (not…

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Fringe 2011 comedy: five free shows

29 Jul 2011

Featuring Hatty Ashdown, Jody Kamali, Paul Foot, Norman Lovett and Gadd, Kirk and Winning

Hatty Ashdown ‘Hatty Ashdown’s brain is made up of funny molecules,’ claims Friday Night Dinner creator Robert Popper with what is presumably deemed as a compliment.

Fringe 2011: Comedy sketches with an edge

29 Jul 2011

Late Night Gimp Fight, Christmas for Two, McNeil and Pamphilon and The Three Englishmen

With the near-veteran likes of the Penny Dreadfuls and Pappy’s opting not to appear in their collective forms this Fringe, it’s a golden opportunity for some of the newer sketch acts to make a mark. But with ever-increasing competition at their level…

Fringe 2011: Five dance shows based on true-stories

29 Jul 2011

Real life events provide inspirational for several Fringe shows this year

Falling Man. Who can forget the horrific image of a man falling to his death from the World Trade Center during the 9/11 attacks? This haunting solo by Dundee-based dance company Smallpetitklein was inspired by the ubiquitous photos capturing the…

Interview - Muirne Bloomer and Emma O’Kane of The Ballet Ruse

29 Jul 2011

Ballerinas swap the barre for the bar

The origins of The Ballet Ruse, by seasoned Irish dancers Muirne Bloomer and Emma O’Kane, are simple. ‘In 2009 we were both single and decided to make a groundbreaking piece about dating,’ remembers Bloomer. But things took a turn in the studio. ‘We…

Jailbird - The Segue Sisters interview

29 Jul 2011

Three-part harmony group bring sexy and witty musical comedy to Edinburgh

‘It was a moment of drunken inspiration, which we spend every second of our lives regretting.’ Via email, three-part harmony group The Segue Sisters collectively explain how their charming, sexy and witty brand of musical comedy came about.’We actually…

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Lloyd Langford - True of false?

29 Jul 2011

Some made-up facts about Edinburgh - and one real one

Hello there. My show this year is called The Cold Hard Facts of Life. It’s all about trivia. To that end, I’ve compiled the below list. Every entry, except one, is a complete lie. The question is, can you separate out the lone fact from this manifest of…

Born To Be Wide Showcase of Edinburgh music

29 Jul 2011

Day-long appreciation of music made in Edinburgh

As a salute to Edinburgh’s musical vibrancy, this second annual Born To Be Wide showcase wants to shine a spotlight on what the capital has to offer with a series of ten-minute taster sets, secret shows and instore performances throughout the…

Film Socialisme

29 Jul 20114 stars

Jean-Luc Godard tells story of Europe in decline

(PG) 101min Jean-Luc Godard’s Film Socialisme is about as difficult a film as you’ll see this or any other year, but if some will conclude the film is unwatchable, it might be useful to say why that is so, why it may even be partly intentional on…

Mr Benn brings 1970s TV classic to Edinburgh Festival stage

29 Jul 2011

Kids show from makers of The Gruffalo and Room on the Broom

Anyone who has seen The Gruffalo, Room on the Broom or any of the other wonderful shows Tall Stories has staged over the years, will know that the company is no stranger to adaptation. This time, however, they’ve moved away from children’s picture books…

Sarah’s Key (Elle s’appelait Sarah)

29 Jul 20113 stars

Wartime drama based on deportation of 13,000 Parisian Jews

(15) 111min Like the recently released The Round-Up, this respectful adaptation of Tatiana de Rosnay’s best-selling novel revisits one of the most shameful episodes of 20th-century French history, namely the Vel d’Hiv raid on July 16 1942. Some…

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Snow Play bring snowball fight to 2011 Edinburgh Festival

29 Jul 2011

Children's show features interactive battle of the seasons

When Snow Play enjoyed a sell-out run at the Lyric theatre in London last December, the timing was perfect. Outside, children played with snow on the ground – then stepped inside the venue to find the same weather conditions represented on stage. The…

Super 8

29 Jul 20114 stars

JJ Abrams sci-fi a loving homage to the way blockbusters used to be

(12A) 112min Lost creator JJ Abrams’ Super 8 may be heavily inspired by the early films of Steven Spielberg but if you’re going to borrow from someone, why not make it a master? It’s a science fiction adventure that harks back to the…

Surrealism and stupidity of Dr Brown Brown Brown Brown Brown kids show

29 Jul 2011

Absurdist comic Phil Burgers a refreshing antidote to corporate Fringe

Anyone who saw last year’s late-night Fringe anarchy from Dr Brown may raise an eyebrow to learn that he’s now doing a kids’ show, as well as another full-on physically comedic adult hour. To the man behind the mask, absurdist American comic Phil…

Tim and Light children's show all about playing games and puppets

29 Jul 2011

Burton and Miyazaki-inspired puppetry at 2011 Edinburgh Festival

Tim and Light is the second children’s show from Tucked In, following 2007’s lauded Jackajack. In this adventure, which has been touring UK theatres and festivals this summer, a boy called Tim and his cat Light board a train from Brighton that doesn’t…

The Tree

29 Jul 20114 stars

Psychological drama starring Charlotte Gainsbourg is a fine study of loss

(12A) 100min It seems trees are the new black: Terrence Malick wins the Palme d’Or with The Tree of Life, Win Win shows the central character’s life on track as he finally takes down the tree outside his garden, and La Quattro Volte gives a tree a…