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Rachel Nichols t stars in Inside

12 Feb 2016

Film gossip

Rachel Nichols is set to star in 'Inside'. The 'Conan the Barbarian' actress has joined the psychological thriller which is being directed by Extinction's Miguel Angel Vivas. 'Inside' revolves around a pregnant woman who is left partially deaf…

Inside features live score from 65daysofstatic

9 Aug 20104 stars

Dance: not just for girls, okay?

Hefty, stark and at times brutally visceral, Inside, the new work by boy wonder Jean Abreu, is macho dance, its choreography built around lines of masculinity and inspired by prison movies. There are no tutus, no extraneous flounces, and, with a live…

Five questions: Natalie Trewinnard of Scottish Dance Theatre

3 Aug 2010

SDT's shows Drift, NQR and other Fringe dance highlights

Give us five reasons to come and see SDT’s two Fringe shows Three contrasting works of total theatre; powerfully athletic; SDT dancers have individuality and personality; groundbreaking work; thought-provoking. Tell us four more Fringe dance shows…

Choreographer Jean Abreu brings Inside show to Edinburgh Fringe

15 Jul 2010

Abreu uses dance to look at prison life

Picture spending day after endless day trapped behind a locked door, for which someone else has the key. That’s where Jean Abreu’s imagination has been residing for the best part of two years, during the creation of his new work, Inside. The…


2 Oct 20093 stars

A rare French gorefest

During the filming of Inside, Béatrice Dalle would hide herself under a hoodie, so upset was she that people would deign to look at her when not looking her best. OK, the character she plays (‘The Woman’) has just had half her face blasted away during…