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Immortal and Privates

2 Nov 20164 stars

One-on-one theatre that moves beyond the end

The Celebration of Death festival at Summerhall aims to both remember the life and work of Ian Smith and present contemporary theatrical and visual art responses to the theme of death. As part of the opening weekend, Immortal and Privates offer the…

Ian Smith: Whereabouts

20 Aug 20153 stars

Observational hour with a touch of the surreal

If there was a prize at the Fringe for the King of the Call Back, Ian Smith would be sure to win it. Ducking, weaving and returning to gags on topics as random as mannequins, bum bags and Mini Cheddars, Smith somehow manages to make a complex zig zag…

The Hot 100 2014: Glasgow mourns some of its inventive theatremakers

11 Dec 2014

The year we lost theatre-makers David MacLennan, Adrian Howells and Ian Smith

Between that referendum and controversial omissions from the funding awards, 2014 has been a dynamic year for theatre. Sadly, it is also marked by the deaths of three of Scotland’s most popular and inventive artists: David MacLennan, Adrian Howells and…

Ian Smith: an appreciation

15 Sep 2014

The artist, performer and founder of Mischief La-Bas died in August following battle with depression

Ian Smith, who died on August 1 at the age of 55, was unique and one of the most creative performance artists in Scotland, and beyond, in recent decades. A founder member and leading light of the acclaimed performance company Mischief La-Bas (MLB), he…

Ian Smith - Anything

20 Aug 20132 stars

Smith tantalisingly gets it right in places only to misjudge it in others

Rather than the nebulous 'anything', 'repetition' seems to be the theme of Ian Smith's solo hour. Sometimes it works, others not so much. Ostensibly a series of recollections of his life, Smith covers the everyday ephemera of horsing around with…

Fringe comedy debut: Ian Smith

26 Jul 2013

The comedian performs debut solo show at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2013

What do you think might work out as the best piece of advice you receive ahead of your Fringe debut? ‘If you’re not teetering on the brink of self-destruction, then there’s barely any point.’ A comedian wrote that in an email to me and I put it up on…

Edinburgh Annuale 2012

20 Jun 20124 stars

Essential showcase of city's independent artistic infrastructure

In terms of how art happens at a grassroots level, both Creative Scotland and the Scottish Government are as clueless as each other. The importance of Edinburgh Annuale to the city’s independent artistic infrastructure, on the other hand, cannot be…

Beckett & Smith

24 Aug 20114 stars

A genuinely funny 60 minutes

There are some real gems on the free festival circuit, but picking the wheat from the chaff can be a daunting prospect. Split into two halves, Ian Smith launches this hour of stand up with some freewheeling rambling that at times cuts close to the bone…

Critics' Awards for Theatre in Scotland announce 2011 shortlist

12 May 2011

Kate Dickie, David Birrell and David Greig feature on CATS 2011 shortlist

Following an all-day meeting at the Royal Lyceum Theatre in Edinburgh, the CATS judges have revealed the hotly-anticipated shortlist for the ten categories of Scotland's leading theatre awards for 2010-11. A highlight of the Scottish theatre…

Harold Bishop returns to Neighbours

18 Oct 2010

TV Gossip

Harold Bishop is set to make a triumphant return to 'Neighbours'. Sam Clark - who plays hunky Ringo Brown in the Australian soap - has revealed the iconic character could be making a return to Ramsay Street in the coming months following his 2009…

Creator of Trilogy returns with new play Fatherland, Motherland

16 Sep 2010

New play from Nic Green at Arches Live

Ask Nic Green where she thinks of as home and she has an immediate, if surprising, answer. ‘Nowhere,’ she says. ‘This is the problem.’ The creator of the celebrated Trilogy (returning to the Arches in November for a brief run) which prompted feminist…

The Lunchtime Club: Class of 2010

23 Aug 20102 stars

Largely uninspiring line-up on lunchtime lads

Both Rob Beckett and Liam Williams are competing in the Amused Moose comedy awards the day of this show. You could use the excuse that both comedians are suffering nerves as a result of the impending evening, and as a result, their material is a bit…

The National Review of Live Art 30th anniversary

25 Feb 2010

It all seems wrong. The National Review of Live Art has built its reputation on change. It never looks back and never stays still. The annual bonanza of what used to be called the avant garde has doggedly embraced the disconcerting, the deviant and the…

National Review of Live Art

5 Feb 2009

A bit of tunnel vision is required at the National Review of Live Art (NRLA). Not least because it takes place in the atmospheric, underground warren that is the Arches. Filling every available space in the building – foyers, bars, studios, theatres…

Ian Smith - Peeping at Bosch

3 Jul 2008

Some performance projects simply have to be seen to be believed. This is certainly the case with Mischief La-Bas’ fascinating slice of live, interactive entertainment, Peeping at Bosch, the first stage in an attempt to realise the iconic Hieronymus…