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23 Feb 20153 stars

Childhood friends are reunited in this sincere but uneventful debut

This British two-hander is prettily shot, credibly performed and sure of what it wants to achieve – though its particular aspirations won’t do much for viewers who prefer films in which stuff happens, or who have an aversion to post-adolescent…


15 Apr 20104 stars

Various venues, Glasgow, Sat 3 Apr

Perhaps the life of music festivals should be measured in dog years, in which case this one-ticket, multi-venue affair, returning for a second year albeit reduced to one day long, makes it a rowdy teenager. Over six busy venues – seven if you count both…

Greco-Roman Soundsystem set for Hinterland 2010

23 Mar 2010

Returning for its second annual installment, the Glasgow-based single ticket festival Hinterland has wisely scaled operations down a little this year. Focused around the Arches, the Sub Club and smaller venues like MacSorley’s and the Admiral, the…

The Fall - The Arches, Glasgow, 30 April 2009

1 May 20093 stars


Undoubtedly the biggest band on Thursday’s Hinterland bill, The Fall were still an odd choice to be following such a predominantly youthful and contemporary bunch of artists as had seen the evening through. And that’s even taking into account Mark E…

Exposure: Galchen

1 May 2009

Glasgow 3-piece, Galchen, are a band whose inventive mix of lush electronica, jagged danceable guitar-rock, and epic, layered soundscapes, not to mention, intricate visual art accompaniment, more than deserves to be turning more than heads in the city's…

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Metronomy, The Arches, 30 April 2009

1 May 20094 stars


Unbuttoning a new lineup for the first time at Hinterland, Metronomy fit the Arches like a custom-made, electronic, pop-sewn glove. With the addition of a live drummer, new bassist and stripped-down backing tracks they get an initially hesitant Glasgow…


1 May 20094 stars


It’s hard to know what to do at festivals like these. Like any other, there is always the danger that such an eclectic line-up will suffer from serious clashes between firm favourites and obscure and curious new names. Tonight is no exception, with…

Geordi La Force, Classic Grand dowstairs, 30 April 2009

1 May 20093 stars


Almost two hours deep and the effect of running across Glasgow with a pint or two in your belly is starting to make it’s presence felt. However, the pilgrimage between some of the closer-knit venues towards the south of the centre is somewhat of an…

Sucioperro, Classic Grand downstairs, 30 April 2009

1 May 2009

Downstairs at the Classic Grand has been something of a rockfest tonight with London-based promoters A Badge of Friendship hosting tonight’s line up. Experimental alternative rockers 85 Bears kick-start the night, followed by the bullet like riffs and…

Exposure: Black Sun

30 Apr 2009

Black Sun are a trio of Glasgow musicians, who collectively, are purveyors of a brutally intense noise and slow-grooving metal carnage that is not to be taken lightly. Bridging the gap between experimentation in sound and pounding riffs, Black Sun have…

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Exposure: Paper Planes

29 Apr 2009

New Jersey girl and vocal stunner Jennifer Paley fronts the Glasgow-based Paper Planes, otherwise composed of "the boys": Craig, Fraser and Christopher. Together PP make what they describe as "updated surf sounds with post punk beats, raw trashy rock…

Exposure: Rogues

28 Apr 2009

Maybe it’s because they’re from my part of London, but Rogues have seemingly been building up a head of steam that recently saw them release debut single Not So Pretty to great acclaim. Mixing Duran Duran, early U2, The Clash and Bowie, the band seems…

Exposure: Broken Records

27 Apr 2009

Broken Records, a group now consisting of no less than seven multi-instrumentalists from Edinburgh, have been enjoying copious amounts of praise and admiration over the past three years since their formation, as the result of frequent touring and the…

Exposure: Miss The Occupier

23 Apr 2009

‘Indie punk-rock may never have been so glamorous’ proclaims Miss The Occupier’s MySpace site, and who’s to disagree? This female-fronted trio from Glasgow is headed by an electrifying pink bob that’s sure to add an aura of glamour to any occasion.

Exposure: Jeffrey Lewis

22 Apr 2009

Jeffrey Lewis is not your average 'singer-songwriter'. Though he may, to an extent, echo the sentiments and sounds of some folk artists and influences, he also channels an eccentric talent in both storytelling and oddball comic book art, and appears to…

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Exposure: We Were Promised Jetpacks

20 Apr 2009

The Scottish music scene is enjoying a rich harvest of young bands with big sounds right now. Like their friends Frightened Rabbit and Twilight Sad, We Were Promised Jetpacks boast big tunes, wrenchingly vulnerable vocals over towering guitars and the…

Hinterland: Sounds and the City

16 Apr 2009

Just because it’s a brand new festival doesn’t mean Hinterland is free from pressure. The weight of expectation building up behind Glasgow’s two-day music bonanza is considerable. Partly this is because the one-ticket, multiple-venue format hasn’t been…

Exposure: Geordi La Force

15 Apr 2009

Mixing intense, glitchy electronics with lush ambient atmospheres, mind-bending guitar shredding and a plethora of ridiculous song titles ('The Dog That Couldn't Piss'), Glasgow's Geordi La Force is one of the more interesting acts to crop up in recent…

Exposure: Sucioperro

14 Apr 2009

Say hello to Sucioperro, if their exotic sounding name hasn’t crossed your path already. They’re the next band to follow in the Ayrshire footsteps left by the inimitable Biffy Clyro, which certainly ain’t any easy thing to do. Borrowing Biffy’s crashing…

Exposure: Zoey Van Goey

13 Apr 2009

Clever, twee and always catchy, Zoey Van Goey have a gentle beauty about their music. It’s very reminiscent of early Belle and Sebastian, the mix of girl/boy vocals and light-footed, catchy pop tunes never failing to put a smile on your face. Forming in…

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Exposure: Sky Larkin

7 Apr 2009

Bursting into life with bristling energy - like a sunnier Broken Social Scene with a British twist, and much less legs, or a slightly-less maniacal Dinosaur Jr - Leeds-based trio Sky Larkin are fast becoming a force to be reckoned with in terms of their…

Exposure: Pearl and the Puppets

4 Mar 2009

Friendly, warm and with a voice as elegantly beautiful as herself, Katie Sutherland, aka Pearl from Pearl and the Puppets, is a breath of fresh air. The twenty one year old from Kirkintilloch may be one of many solo female artists right now but the…


1 Mar 2009

Glasgow is widely acknowledged as one of the best places in the UK to hear live music, due in no small part to its consistent production of high-quality new bands. In Britain, only London and Manchester can challenge Glasgow’s heritage, so it’s about…

Exposure: Dan Black

18 Feb 2009

Of all the burgeoning talent waiting to dethrone 2008's vapid chart-botherers, Dan Black is perhaps the most intriguing. He strikes a pose somewhere between Jane's Addiction and Calvin Harris; a charismatic dancefloor-botherer unwilling to sacrifice pop…

Exposure: Jesus H Foxx

20 Jan 2009

Jesus H. Foxx is not the likeliest name for an Edinburgh-based indie 6-piece; it'd perhaps be better suited to the Latin American uncle of someone from CSS. That new rave double 'x' is somewhat misleading however. Jesus H. Foxx's real musical…