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Guilt and Shame: Going Straight

4 Aug 20143 stars

A pacy and gleefully silly character show at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe

A mildly cheesy story about friendship and learning to love yourself is at the heart of this pacy and gleefully silly character show. But it’s more than that: Gabe and Rob have a point to make about sexuality, machismo and intolerance, although they’re…

Guilt and Shame: Up All Night

5 Aug 20123 stars

A playful and involving double-act with a disarmingly touching narrative arc

It’s a big night on the pull for debauched duo Guilt and Shame. Gabe (Guilt) is the slaggy one, ready to meet the girl of his dreams, and Rob (Shame) is a gay virgin gagging to get laid. The mood in the Underbelly is high. There’s chair dancing and…

Guilt and Shame

8 Aug 20113 stars

Sketches which get increasingly filthier and funnier

After a hedonistic night, Robbie and Gabe just want to perform their Fringe show, but previous excesses keep showing up at the most inopportune moments. A moralistic drug dealer clamours to impart her addled wisdom over sketches which get increasingly…