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The Hot 100 2015: 30–21

4 Nov 2015

Michelle Gomez, Sam Heughan and Peter Capaldi among Scotland's hottest cultural contributors in 2015

Since 2003, we've been compiling our annual list of Scotland's most influential figures in arts and culture. Typically, this year's Hot 100 list is a fine showcase of local talent – from film and TV stars to emerging comedians and theatremakers. Meet…

Graham Fagen, Scotland + Venice 2015

8 May 20154 stars

Fagen fills the Palazzo Fontana with a melancholic, reggae-inspired reinterpretation of Burns’ elegy

The melancholic sound of Robert Burns’ ‘The Slave’s Lament’, played by the string orchestra of the Scottish Ensemble and sung by the reggae musician Ghetto Priest, drifts gently towards you as soon as you enter Graham Fagen’s show at the Palazzo Fontana…

Graham Fagen: Scotland's representative at the Venice Biennale 2015

18 Mar 2015

Artist talks about his work at Scotland + Venice 2015

On a rainy day in Glasgow, Graham Fagen calls up a photograph on his laptop of Palazzo Fontana. It’s a terracotta–coloured, picture–perfect Venetian palazzo, facing on to the Grand Canal. For a minute, the sights and sounds of Venice are in the…

Urban / Suburban

27 Aug 20143 stars

Exhibition featuring Martin Boyce, Graham Fagen and Christine Borland as part of GENERATION

A part of the landmark Scottish contemporary art retrospective GENERATION, Urban / Suburban explores in a group context the response of a variety of the nation’s artists to the built environment. The relevance of some of the works showing here suggest…

Cabbages in an Orchard: The formers and forms of Charles Rennie Mackintosh and Graham Fagen

15 Jul 20144 stars

Highlights of Fagen's responsive GENERATION show include tense, confrontational teeth portraits

Graham Fagen says he fell out with Mackintosh at the Glasgow School of Art. However, when invited back more than 20 years later to spend time in the Mackintosh archive, he discovered he had more in common with the man than he expected. The body of work…

Generation - Scottish National Gallery of Modern Art One

15 Jul 20145 stars

Douglas Gordon, Kate Davis and Richard Wright among SNGoMA1's 25 year contemporary art retrospective

Where to start with a definitive, large-scale exhibition boasting of a nation's ongoing achievements in contemporary art without opening yourself up to claims of self-aggrandisement? Isn’t it for others to sing the praises while we keep our trumpets…

Artist Graham Fagen and Hospitalfield's Lucy Byatt discuss plans for the 2015 Venice Biennale

31 Mar 2014

Fagen has been asked to represent Scotland in next year's event

‘I can tell you for definite that I’ll do something. I’m not sure what yet, but there will definitely be something.’ It’s understandable that Glasgow-born artist Graham Fagen is reluctant to discuss any specific ideas for his solo presentation at the…

Graham Fagen to represent Scotland at the 2015 Venice Biennale

24 Mar 2014

The artist will present a solo exhibition commissioned and curated by Arbroath's Hospitalfield Arts

Visual artist Graham Fagen has been selected to represent Scotland at the 2015 Venice Biennale. The Glasgow-born artist, whose previous work has combined video, performance, photography, sculpture, text and even plants, will present a solo exhibition…

Ten collaborative music, theatre and film projects from Scotland

7 Nov 2012

Including Speed of Light, Pass the Spoon and Whatever Gets You Through the Night

Pass the Spoon. It sounded like an unlikely dish, with ingredients including off-beat artist David Shrigley (who wrote the libreto), modernist composer David Fennessy and Magnetic North director Nicholas Bone working with the Red Note Ensemble, but when…

The Missing

21 Sep 20114 stars

Powerful performance of Andrew O'Hagan's non-fiction script across several platforms

Part memoir, part investigative journalism, Scottish writer Andrew O’Hagan’s powerful non-fiction work doesn’t easily fit into any generic pigeon hole. It is fitting, then, that this stage adaptation of The Missing is accompanied by complementary art…

Graham Fagen: Missing

21 Sep 20114 stars

Moving video installation running parallel to the Tramway's Andrew O'Hagan-penned theatre production

Graham Fagen’s moving video diptych Missing explores the experience of going missing, and what it is like for those left behind. Commissioned by the Scottish National Portrait gallery, it is produced in partnership with the National Theatre of Scotland…

The Missing

23 Aug 2011

John Tiffany's National Theatre of Scotland production of Andrew O’Hagan book

‘The passage of time has been really necessary. I needed to get some distance,’ says Andrew O’Hagan. He is referring to the 14 years which have passed since John Tiffany (then literary manager at the Traverse Theatre in Edinburgh, now associate director…

Dub Syndicate

29 Jul 2009

Sci-fi wall wobblers

Anyone who witnessed former Pop Group vocalist Mark Stewart with ex-Sugarhill house band The Maffia play Edinburgh last year with seminal producer and On-U Sound head honcho Adrian Sherwood manning the controls will probably still be wondering where on…

Profile - Adrian Sherwood

5 Mar 2009

Name Adrian Sherwood Occupation Legendary producer and proprietor of On-U-Sound Records, who over 30 years have cut a swathe of British squat rock dubplates through records by The New Age Steppers, Mark Stewart & the Maffia, Tackhead, African…

Graham Fagen: Somebodyelse

5 Mar 20094 stars

REVIEW MIXED MEDIA Living up to the promise of its name, The Changing Room’s move to the Tolbooth has led to the gallery’s being successfully reconfigured within a historic setting. In keeping with this theme of recontextualisation, Somebodyelse is a…

Edinburgh Art Festival

31 Jul 2008

Street arts

Edinburgh residents are used to a takeover at this time of year. As hoardes of performers, artists, comedians and their assorted entourages set up a whole other city on top of theirs, the festivals can feel divorced from the realities of Edinburgh life.

What is Life?

31 Jul 20084 stars

Scottish sculptors take on biological investigation

Exploring a common interest in plants and scientific enquiry, Inverleith House curator Paul Nesbitt has drawn together works by Scottish sculptors Christine Borland, Graham Fagen and Simon Starling. In a bold and considered move, he’s chosen to eschew…

Graham Fagen: Downpresser

9 Apr 20072 stars

GoMA, Glasgow, until Mon 28 May

PHOTOGRAPHY, SCREEN PRINTS, FILM INSTALLATION It’s difficult to discern exactly what Graham Fagen is getting at with his new installation of photographs, screen prints and DVD projections at GoMA. The exhibition, entitled Downpresser, is a personal…

Graham Fagen

11 Nov 20064 stars

Doggerfisher Gallery, Edinburgh, until Sat 9 Dec 2

PRINTMAKING, PHOTOGRAPHY, INSTALLATION Graham Fagen has painted the walls in the main gallery black, immediately setting an ethereal, theatrical tone to this dimly lit exhibition, entitled ‘Closer’. Three silkscreen prints, simplistic white linear…

Killing Time

18 Sep 20065 stars

Twisted brothers

Graham Fagen and Graham Eatough make you curious and curiouser. Attempting to decipher the product of this pair’s unique collaboration is much akin to chasing the white rabbit, falling into a warren of dead ends, traps doors and secret rooms, only to…