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Going underground: best of Scotland's new underground, DIY and self-released music

4 Feb 2019

Featuring Cucina Povera, Luki and Graham Costello's STRATA

How to follow a debut as beautiful and fully-formed as Hilja? On ZOOM, Cucina Povera, aka Maria Rossi, shrugs off the weight of expectation by releasing 'a verité collection of situational recordings'...

Graham Costello: 'Jazz is half about knowing where it came from but the other half is where you're taking it'

17 Dec 2018

Glasgow-based drummer and composer discusses his band STRATA, his connection to the DIY scene and the future of contemporary jazz

Though British jazz has undeniably been experiencing a surge in popularity in recent years, its return to the mainstream is unsurprising when you consider the nature of the contemporary jazz scene. According to Spotify, in the early part of 2018, 'the…