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Remember Remember - Forgetting the Present

11 Jun 20143 stars

Graeme Ronald's twinkly post-rock songs remain light, airy & full of momentum, but lack originality

Three years and countless live shows since The Quickening, Graeme Ronald’s Remember Remember has settled into a six-piece formation, with twinkly glockenspiels and soaring synths to the fore on contradictory third record, Forgetting the Present. As the…

Happy Particles - Under Sleeping Waves

7 Dec 20114 stars

Ambient vistas to rival Sigur Ros from Remember Remember-affiliated musicians

(Self-release) This lovely debut from Glasgow slow-core melodists Happy Particles may be sneaking out as a self-release on December 25, but don’t be misled by their low-key approach: the ambient vistas conjured therein could rival those of Sigur…

Remember Remember swells from solo set to seven-piece band

2 Nov 2010

Rock Action-signed looper takes hypnotic, repetitive melodies on 5th Nov outing

After playing a late-night, loop-heavy set at The List: 25 Years event, Graeme Ronald, aka Remember Remember is releasing his EP RR Scorpii on Guy Fawkes Night. (That’s right – Remember Remember, on the fifth of November). Since releasing his debut…

The List: 25 Years - A night at the Arches, Glasgow featuring Errors, King Creosote and Come on Gang!

5 Oct 2010

Event celebrates 25th anniversary of The List Magazine

After 25 years of writing about other people's events, we've decided to put on our own... and it's been worth the wait. We're taking over The Arches for one Friday night only, showcasing the best of Scottish culture, including many of favourite bands…