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Home Game festival - Anstruther, Fri 6-Sun 8 May 2011

18 May 20115 stars

The Fence festival delivers another five-star musical weekend

You may have thought your childhood summer holidays were gone for good. Then you discovered Home Game and times when people were nicer, and music was to be absorbed and adored rather than just worn like a badge, and the memories came flooding back. Home…

Lone Pigeon - Time Capsule 001-010: A Selection

21 Mar 20114 stars

A collection of the Fife musician's finest tracks from the last decade

(Domino) You don’t see him for years and then he pops up with this. Get ready to (re)introduce yourself to Gordon Anderson, aka Fife’s maverick songwriting talent Lone Pigeon, a man who counts The Beta Band, the Aliens and the Fence Collective among…

Bad Jazz

13 Mar 2007

Traverse Theatre, Edinburgh, Wed 21-Sat 24 Mar

NEW WORK It’s hard not to feel a certain resistance to the term ‘play within a play’ these days. After over 20 years of those pieces which hide behind the terms ‘postmodern’ and ‘meta-narrative’ in order for members of the profession to talk about…